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the worst day of lillo's life!

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lillo had to have a blood test today to see if the rabies vac had worked. i didnt really think about it as he hasnt been bothered by needles before. omg my poor baby and what he went through- first the vet tried to get blood from one leg, then the other leg then his neck, by this point he had blood puring everywhere and was crying. his eyes were filled with tears and he kept looking at me with a face begging 'please take me home'. it was awful, the vet ended up putting him to sleep to get the blood. please if you dont need to get the rabies jab hence blood test - DONT! his chi pal Jack coincidently had it done also today and didnt have such a traumatic time -maybe poor lillo was unlucky. we made up for it later when Jack came over then we all went to richmond park to play!oh well at least now he can travel with us now and not have to stay at home!
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omg Angela.... I would have cried on the spot! Glad he went to the park after and played :) He has a great mummy to look after him...
is the rabies shot part of the 2 needles a puppy needs beforehe can go out and be allowed to walk on the ground?
Just wondering as I dont know exactly what they're vaccanating against. I know parvo .. but is rabies one?

Your vet put him under just to take blood?!!! :shock: To be completely honest, that sounds ridiculous to me. I don't want to offend you but that vet does not sound like he's very good at working with small dogs. I mean Nate can take blood from any chihuahua, bird, rodent and he's only been working at an animal hospital for a couple years and this person has been through vet school? Well, I have heard that you don't learn much tech skills at vet school but he should at least hire a tech that is competant at taking blood. That's just my opinion though. :wave: Sorry, I don't mean to sound harsh. I just think that it's a little extreme to be putting a small dog under just to take blood.
i was practically in tears i almost threw up when we left from shock! its horrible to see them summer. he had the rabies jab so he can leave and come back into the uk. the uk is an island which is rabies free which is why we have soooo many rules and regulations on taking pets abroad. untill recently if you took a pet out of the uk it would have to spend 6 months in quarentine if you brought it back. now if you get a pet microchipped and vaccinated it can leave and come back whenever you like. only after the jab they need a blood test to see if the rabies vaccination worked. if id known it would have been like this i wouldnt have done it! the vet is a good vet, very experienced(he must be in his 70's) and the best i found after being to a lot of vets! i think he was unlucky as he wanted to take it from the leg to make it less traumatic than from the front of the neck where the vain is. only lillos veins in his legs were too small to get enough blood. so once he had the pain in both legs jumped when the vet went for his neck and burst the vain in his neck. he had only one vain left to take blood from in the end and was so traumatised it wouldve been impossible to take blood otherwise. i wanted to just leave but thought i'll never do it again and he's already been through so much and we will always be between here and italy as my boyfriends italian and we live both places so we had to do it really. my poor baby!
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I'm glad everything turned out fine, but I agree with Kristin - I can see NO reason why a competent vet would have to put an animal to sleep just to draw blood. I'm not a vet or vet tech, but that seems to me way over the top.

Sorry, but I would have run, not walked, out of that vet office.
I'm glad lillo is Ok Sounds like he had a traumatic time at the vet. I guess I don't really understand what they were testing for? Auggie had to have a rabies shot to go to the states with us on vacation cause we don't have rabies here. but he just got a shot :roll:
I'm so sorry you and your pup had to go through with that. How horrible for the both of you!

My vet had to take blood from Cooper pre-op and, since I have a fear of needles, I couldn't be in the room. Cooper screamed and cried and bellowed ... it almost drove me to tears. Finally the vet came in and said she couldn't get him to hold still long enough to even find a vein, much less put the needle in. I had to go in the back and try to settle him down but it didn't work and they gave him just a breath or two of gas to calm him down enough to get the blood and keep him from completely freaking out.

I'm used to that though; any time OmaKitty goes to the vet, they have to put her under to even touch her because of her problems and distrust for all living things.
Yikes, that sounds like an awful vet visit. I don't know if I would be able to watch that! Yeah, the only reason why I would see that it would be okay to sedate the animal is if it was very aggressive or going crazy. But, from the post it doesn't seem like Lillo was either. Did he have a tech holding the Lillo? Well, at least he got the blood finally and hopefully the vaccine worked so that you don't have to go through that again!
ilovesadie is definately right its over and done with now! so alls good!
Poor little baby, i would have been crying too.Thank goodness we dont have to have the rabies injection i will only be holidaying in UK with my babies.
no he wasnt being agressive or anything he was just really scared. oh well its all over and he's forgotten all about it - it just left me with nightmares!!! i dont think he'll want to be visiting the vet again in a hurry!
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