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My Pepe has only been with me for a few months and, we are only just beginning to get to know each other. I thought I would post a few of the silly little quirks that he has. See if any of you can relate :D

I love it when he........

1. Always brings me one of his toys when i come home and first thing in the morning

2. walks under my chair and gives me one tiny lick on my ankle(just so I know he's there)

3. goes limp and flops onto his back and lets me hold him like a baby

4. growls at something outside and the end gets real high pitched and yodelly. He sounds like gizmo from gremlins

5.tilts his head and sticks out his tongue when I talk to him

6. walks through the house and his little nails go clickety-click across the hardwood

7 burrows himself under the covers at night

8. tucks his little behind when he runs(looks like a bunny)

9.paws at my hand when i finish petting him (like more please mom...)

10.follows me everywhere i go...bathroom included

What are some things you love about your chi's???? :D

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i love it when jamoka...
1.licks my mothers hair (it looks like he's tring to combit down)
2.i love it when jamoka crys for me when ileave the room enen thought thers 10 people in the room
3.i love it when jamoka allows my younger sister to put him in her stroller and play dress up with him all because he wants that treat she feeds him
4.i love it when jamoka useds his paws to cover his face when i yells at him afters he's when bad
5. i love it when i'm driveing jamoka lays behind my neck
6. i love it when jamoka does his dance for food
7. i love that the fact that when i saw his picuter in the newspaper i fell in love with him
8. i lve the fact that jamoka is so timdid
9.i love jamoka because he loves me
10. i love jamoka becuase he just loves to please everyone
11. i love jamoka for all the 5000 kisses he gives me every hour!

Ilove Jemini...
1. i love how when you talk to her, her little face gets wavey
2.i love her eyes
3. i love the fact that she loves to be held
4. i love the fact that she's so head strong
5. i love to see her bother jamoka when he's sleeping
6. i love when i give them dinner or food, she'll eat her food in peace and then take the bowl from jamoka and run with the bowl in her mouth and make him chase her!
7.i love how people flock to her when we go out
8.i love how she trys so hard to do things her big brother does
9.i love the way breath smells(you know that wonderfull puppy smell)
10.i love her because she loves me

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10 Things I love about my Girls

1) The way they play together with Torie always the big sister.

2) The way they both greet me after work just because they've missed me.

3) The tug a war and fetch games.

4) Sharing popcorn and watching tv/movies with the both of them.

5) Snuggling the girls and sleeping in on a weekend morning.

6) The arguments the girls get into over who gets closer to me when they sit on my lap.

7) The way Binki loves her doggie treats, but Torie doesn't understand what to do with them.

8) The way Binki sits up on her buttocks sometimes.

9) The way Torie flips (I call it her flip-top head) her head back sometimes when someone's petting and scratching her back.

10) Their eyes. They speak and say so much. They express love and sadness Well it's just that their every emotion shows through the eyes.

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My Girl

This was a very good idea, nice to hear the little things about them!

I love coco because....

- when i look at her i melt because she is the most gorgeous dog ever - she looks like a wee fox

- She follows me around everywhere, its great to feel that someone cant be without you

- When i come home she goes over excited - i always jump on my bed lie down, then she jumps up and jumps all over my face, licking me - practically sticking her mouth in mines - pawing me, its her way of patting me :D, the tail wagging like mad!

- I love the way she goes like the above, even if i've only popped out for 5mins - thats real love!

- When im out and its night time she slept on my skirt that i left on the bed - my scent comforted her - i love the way she is so sweet and loving like this, she also likes to sit with me a lot

- I love the way i cant get on my own pillow because she practically steals it all - she lies like a human not a dog curled up she has the legs and arms spread out and always makes sure her head is cushioned - she likes her comfort

- I love the way she is sneaky - she can scent food a mile away, stole sum biscuits from my bros jacket and my bro thot she was excited to see him, no she was after the biscuits :lol: ! I came home from the pet store but also bought a mcd's - i was goin 2 eat mines & then give her a little chewy shoe i bought her, no didn't get the chance she helped herself in the bag and run off with it

- I love the way she prances around, she wiggles her bottom, walks spring with some attitude! And when she runs she is so fast its unbelievable - she looks like a rabbit

- I love the way she warns you of any strange noises outside, and when ppl are passing the house & she's out in the front garden she wil bark and bark as if to warn them off - she also leans forward with the legs stretched out as if "hold me back, hold me back or i'll get them" lol :lol:

- I love the way she moves her face when she hears unusual sounds - especially when my bro hums - she moves her head right to the left them right to the right lol - she listens and dances along :lol:


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This is a great will give everyone a chance to get to know our chi's better :)

Things I love about Chico:

He loves to give kisses.

He gets along with the kitties.

He's very protective of me.

He sleeps under the covers curled up next to me every night.

He's very well behaved at other people's houses.

He helps the kitties catch bugs.

He follows me everyehere like a shadow.

He doesn't give me a hard time when giving him baths or brushing his teeth.

He loves to be brushed.

He loves to be held.

He gets excited to see me or my hubby when we walk in the front door, even if we've only been gone for a few minutes.

He lets me know when he wants a treat...he just goes and sits in front of the pantry.

He barks at the vaccuum.

Basically, I love EVERYTHING about my boy. :D

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Things i love...

Things I love about scoot are:

1. When he wants me to wak eup un the morning he'll sit on my chest and lick my face till i get up.

2. He takes a piece his food flicks it up in the air then runs to a corner to eat it and then comes back to repeat the process until he's done eating.

3.he loves being held in mommies arms while taking his nap

4. he loves to play with our big dogs.. some times even tries to stand up to them!!

5. when he growls at the other dogs when they try to steal his food.

there are so many more.. and i have only had scoot about a week!!.. This is a great thread.. it shows how are chis are unique and what they have in common

kisses and licks
Roie and Scoot

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It's really hard to pick just 10 things. I guess "10 billion things you love about your chi" would make the posts way too long though.

10 Things I Love About Cooper

1. He doesn't know the meaning of the word "adversity."

2. The way he looks at things he doesn't quite understand - then looks at me for explanation.

3. He can make me laugh with just the tilt of his head.

4. The way he seems to understand when I talk to him, regardless of whether or not it's about his treats or about world events.

5. He makes the greatest pillow.

6. His undying love and devotion to OmaKitty. It doesn't even bother him that she doesn't feel the same way about him.

7. The look on his face when he sees another Chihuahua. The excitement is almost too much for him to bear.

8. He can count.

9. He kisses on command. And not on command.

10. The way the simplest things bring him the greatest joy.

And I have to put just one more in ...

11. He's mine. All mine. :D

I could really go on all day long about my favorite things about my little man!! (But couldn't we all do that?) I thought it would be easy to pick just 10 things but it was really hard! There are too many categories to choose from: behavior, looks, intellegence, perceived intellegence...

This was hard. :read2:

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tamilyn deano does exactly the same. here are some more of his quirks:
1) He'll be walking down the road and will sniff everything so we actually never get anywhere on time
2) when i tell him, "come on deano, im in a hurry" and pretend to walk off he'll crouch and stare at me as if to say "please dont move me, i wana sniff this lamp post" and has a look of terror on his face which always makes me laugh!
3) he'll curl up on my knee and fall asleep.
4)he'll burry through his bag to find the toy he wants.
5)he will make a mess and keep his toys in the same places
6) he will go right under the top cover of my bed right down to my feet or sleep right next to me on his furry pillow
7) he will choose to chomp on his treats in the middle of the night and keep me up
8) he will jump of my bed in the middle of the night and when he wants to get back up he will paw at my bed and wimper, then if i am totally asleep he will bark at me.
9) he will stare at me if i eat noodles.
10) if the cat is round he will dodge her and crouch round her
11) when he is being soft and a little mard he will took his head under my chin. (i love that!)
12) i love my baby deano because when i can't find him and he makes me panick, ill look under my bed and he will be hidden in a bunch of old teddies and i can only see his ruby eyes glaring at me
13) i love it how he will race down to see me when i get home from school, and wimper at the door, then in which i will open the letter box and peer at him.
14) I love it how he is so affectionate
15) i love it how he does the wrong things at the wrong times ( :oops: the humping)
16) i love it when i am on the phone below the stairs he will peek his little head out of the bars on the stairs.
17) i love it when my dad goes near with his big hands and he will run away and hide behind the sofa.
18) i love it how he sits next to me if i have ever been crying and he will sniff my ear!
19) i love it when he licks my eyes and i giggle
20) i love it when he snores loudly!
21) i love him the most for being there :)

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things I love about my Chi's

I love my girls because

1. They are the first things I see in the morning
2. They give kisses when I ask for one
3. They always are happy to see me
4. When Chassis wants more attention she take her paw and scratches at my hand, Smidgen takes her muzzel and pushes on my hand.
5. I love when Chassis yodells when she growels and barks.
6. I love Smidgens little quirks (bug phobia), (looks up at the ceiling when there is nothing there)
7. When we are in bed and they sleep like people (body in the covers, and head out.)

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I love everything about my boy :) some of his special points are :

I love the way that when I wake up he is always there on my pillow looking at me .

I love the way he always seems to know when I'm poorly and always calms down and sits with me ..

I love the way he seems to know what I want him to do without me even saying .

I love the way he loves children :)

I basically just " LOVE HIM " :wave:

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I love a million things about my sweet girl but here's a short list.

I love that Lily:

1. loves me as much as I love her :love3:

2. sticks her entire muzzle in my ear and just leaves it there until my giggling shakes it loose

3. would rather be crowded sharing a pillow with me than have her own pillow

4. looks at me when she hears a noise and waits for me to say "It's okay" before she goes back to whatever she was doing

5. will sit patiently while I wipe away her eye boogies with my finger but she won't allow me to use an eye wipe or anything else

6. curls her lip up on each side as I brush her teeth

7. turns her back to me when I indicate I want to pick her up (by holding out both hands, palms up) to make it easier for me to grab her

8. comes to my side of the bed (when she's finished doing her business during the night), stands up and paws at the mattress. Then she goes over to the other side but she doesn't just walk there, she does slow twirls as she moves.

9. will eat everything out of her food bowl except her RC kibble. That has to be hand fed to her, one tiny morsel at a time.

10. listens for the tv to click off when she sees me hold up the remote. Then she does a zoomie because she knows we're going upstairs to the computer.

11. goes insane with joy when I come back from the supermarket after being gone less than an hour. That's basically the only time I leave her home alone but I'm sure she thinks it's too much.

12. is especially clingy and babyish when she's really tired

13. wiggles her ears in recognition when I sing a song she's familiar with

14. looks me square in the eye first thing in the morning and melts my heart every single time. Aside from then, she doesn't make a lot of direct eye contact (I assume that's left over from her puppy mill days).

15. I love that Lily is the light of my life, my heart, my soul, my best friend, my baby girl… and that I am her mommy forever and ever.

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Thing's I love about my Vida!!!

1. She belongs to my boyfriend and me. Something that me and my bf have in common. We bought her after only two months of being together.

2. I love the way Vida skwinks her eyes.

3. I love the way she snuggles w/ me. She wants to always be in my lap cuddled in a blanket.

4. I love the way she sleeps between my legs at night.

5. She stretches her arms out in front of her and puts her butt in the air. Then she lays on her stomach and pulls herself around with just her front two arms.

6. I love the way she shakes when she knows she has done something wrong.

7. I love the way she loves to wear shirts.

8. I love how she knows when there is cheese in the other room by the sound of the opening of a slice of cheese. She can be sleeping in another room and she will hear it and come running in the kitchen.

9. I love the way she looks up at me like i'm her mommy.

10. I love the way she knows when it's about the time that Daddy comes home. She sits on my lap and stares at the door. She did that for 1 whole hour the other day.

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Oh this is fun! I love hearing about other people's chi's!!! :D

This is hard, but I'll try to narrow it down...

Some of the things I especially love about Gizmo are:

1. The fact that he adores me, he'll lay in my arms like a baby and stare at me as I stare at him, we'll be like that for about 5-10 min...and he slowly falls asleep..."sigh"

2. He follows me everywhere

3. His little feet clickety clacking on my wood floor...

4. How he find the "squeeker" in every new toy, he will keep squeezing every part of the body until he hears it squeek.

5. How he squeeks his toys when I am on the

6. how he loves to be brushed

7. How smart he is

8. How he cuddles in mommy's Hello Kitty blanket

9. His love affair with my mom :lol:

10. How everyone loves him, even people who don't like dogs or chi's he always gets attention

11. How he jumps into his basket to go to sleep, or waits next to it looking at me like "mom, I'm ready to be tucked in"

12. How he lets me tuck him into bed, he'll let me put him on his back and cover him with his blankies so only his eyes are showing (he loves to burrow and hide) and he'll lay that way while I rub his belly and whisper to him, and he understands the sweet nothings I whisper to him...

13. How he paws at me if I sit down, he loves to be in mommy's lap..

14. and finally how darn cute he is....he is my pride and joy, my little baby boy....he completes me :love5:

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LaVida said:
5. She stretches her arms out in front of her and puts her butt in the air. Then she lays on her stomach and pulls herself around with just her front two arms.
Gizmo does this too!! My husband calls it the Army Commando Crawl...his legs will be straight back, and he pulls himself around with his front arms like he can't use his back legs....LOL
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