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Thinking about an addition

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Ok I have a confusing kind of question. I am thinking of adding a new chi to my family, not nesicairly now but in the future. I am just thinking and planing for it now.
If I already have a well trained Hershey and I get a puppy. Will it be easier to train the puppy because they will want to copy Hershey. Potty training wise. Or does it not work that way. I just have a fear that if I get a new one that he is going to be hard to train. I had such an easy time with Hershey I am just dredding having a hard time. Also this question applies to regular training and tricks. Basically I am wondering if they are like human sibblings or completely different.
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it will be easier for the new pup as they will have a role model to copy - similar to human siblings.

Good luck and let us know what you decide - they really are like potatoe chips you can never just have one :wave:
LOL yeah that's seems about right.

Hershey needs someone to play with also. She plays wiht my parents dog but it is with a chain link fence dividing them because they have an akita that is like so many times bigger than her. She would get smushed. :shock: She needs another one her size.
Yeah, I have always thought that too. If a puppy has another doggy to follow they'll take after them with the housetraining. :wink:
Well that makes me happy to hear. I was really worried about training another puppy. Considering Hershey was little work... up until recently. :?
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