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Thinking of rescuing

My dad has a huge beautiful 2 year old male boxer that he can no longer take care of. He was laid off work due to health issues. I was thinking about taking the dog because he can no longer care for him.

The dog is wild to say the least. My dad has never done any training or socializing. The dog just stays chained up in the backyard. When he was a puppy I would babysit him and he was incredibly smart. He would go with my dad everywhere, but when he was about 5 or 6 months that changed.

I told my dad when he purchased the puppy that the dog would be too much for him, but he didn't listen. To my knowledge he is not aggressive. He has always been friendly with me. It's clear he craves attention.

I'm really on the fence about taking him. I don't know if I could provide the type of home he needs. I live in an apartment. My dad does have a house with a big yard. I could provide food and vet care for the dog as long as my dad needs me too, but I just feel so sorry for the dog being chained up. This dog is very active.

Then I have Gigi and she is not as big as one of his paws. I don't know if he is animal aggressive. I don't know what to do in this situation. My dad asked me if I wanted him last night. I love large dogs and planned to get one that was the right fit for me, but I just don't know.
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