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This is fabulous!!! [Updates on Page 2]

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Hey all-

I know I've said this about a million times since my bf finally agreed to get me another puppy, but I can't help it, I get so excited and of course I have to tell ya'll :). So, here we go again.

First- we decided against the pup my bfs co-worker is selling. I want to hold out for my male. I'm sure she's a nice dog, but he's also beating around the bush about us having her for the weekend, which tells me he doesn't want to sell her too bad. Plus, she's not the right type that I want. Ya know?

Second- while delivering furniture to a house yesterday my bf met a chihuahua breeder! An actual breeder. He originally called her a Puppy Farm but, I asked him to get specific with me on what he saw because he's not so educated on what that might look like. When he described to me that she had something like 30 dogs (give or take) and they had their own little dog door and could come and go into the back yard as they pleased (fenced in of course), they have little beds all over the house, and they have a whole room that's just their own to sleep in and play in and everything. Before he told me that she had all that stuff I figured she'd just aquired all these animals and was some kind of horder (sp?), but clearly she cares for them. Also, he said the magic word RESCUE lol. She has two female rescue chi's that she saved from someone who was abusing them. One of them is pregnant (was already that way when she got her) right now. She also has one or two other pregnant dogs. Apparently all of her money goes to dogs...they're as spoiled as any of ours.

She has the mom-to-be's in the livingroom in pens too so that she can always watch them and make sure everything is OK. I thought that was great. What are the chances that I could find a good breeder right here 20 minutes away? She has 8 people on a waiting list for pups, only one other one wants a male. She said she would call us as soon as the mother has her pups (one of them is due in the next week) and we can come look at them.

All of her dogs were really friendly with my bf too. They all wanted to be peted and soaked up the attention he so willingly gave them lol. I thought that was cool too. It means they're well socialized with people right?

I just had to tell ya'll that :) So, if we're lucky, we'll get our chocolate and tan male soon :) I don't want to get my hopes up because something could always happen...she might not have but one male and she might not have but one or two pups and no males. I just wanted to share this with you guys cause I can't help but get so friggin' excited!!
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Thats great news - so are you keeping lilo too :D
Sadly, no. We are not keeping Lilo :( My aunt refuses to give her up even though I begged and pleaded lol. I don't worry about her as much now though, my aunt and uncle are staying with my other uncle while they're looking for a house here in Illinois, and they have Lilo with them. So, she's well taken care of there and there's no one to hurt her or miss treat her. She comes to visit and we take Lina to visit her, but she's not ours :(
That's great news! :wave: I know how excited you must be. You need to reward your bf for 1) agreeing to another chi and 2) finally mentioning the magic word. :lol:
awwww how exciting!!!!
Great news!! I hope you find the boy of your dreams. :D
Thanks girls :)

I certainly will reward him for them! Esp. for saying the magic word :lol: You wouldn't believe how long it took for him to actually tell people that there's no such thing as "teacups" and so on and so forth. It's amazing what a whole lot talkin' will do lol And all that time I just thought he was watching tv and not listening LOL
Eeeek!! I'm so excited right now! My bf just got a call from the breeder he met the other day. It turns out that a friend of hers dog, just had pups and they have a black and tan male!! We're supposed to call them back and see about going to see him!! I'm soo sooo soooo excited!! Eeek! I just about screamed when he told me. My kids thought I was going nuts lol. I know I know! Don't get too excited because I need to be completely sure that this puppy is the one for me and I'm not just excited about the idea of getting another chi baby. I don't want to just rush into it :)

Wish me luck girls :)
OMG Im sio excited I will keep my fingers crossed for you - update us as soon as you can :lol:

GREAT for you!!! You should be soo excited. please post when you get your new baby, i know we ALL want to see some pics.

kisses and licks
Roie and Scoot
That is such exciting news!!! Hoope all goes well and you get you special little one. :)
That is so exciting!! Waiting for an update!
I hope you find the perfect boy...we are keeping our paws crossed for you!
OK Girls here come the updates!

I talked to my aunt and she said that Lilos mom had her pups and they should be about 5 or 6wks now (I think). I told my bf and he said that we could go down in 3 weeks :) My aunt is trying to get ahold of her to tell her that I want a male :) Is that cool or what?? I'm sooo excited!! I can't wait to go down there. I've never had a pup that young before. I mean, he'll be older than 3 weeks obviously because I wouldn't even think of taking one any younger 8wks (I'd perfer 12wks, but if she won't hold him for me, then I'll gladly take him).

Also, since someone on here already has thier pup named Wonka (a new girl, can't remember the name lol). I decided that not naming him that is best. So, me and my bf were talking last night and we came up with a GREAT name! General Lee!! Yeah after the car from the Dukes of Hazard! My bf loves that show and I enjoy it a little myself. What do ya'll think? I'll be sure get tons of pics and everything. Eeee!! I'm so excited!!

I do have a question though. How exactly would I feed them. Since Lina is on adult food and the pup will be on puppy food, do I like put them on a feeding schedule instead of free feed like I've been doing? I'm kinda confused on how to do that.
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pinkprincess21 said:
I do have a question though. How exactly would I feed them. Since Lina is on adult food and the pup will be on puppy food, do I like put them on a feeding schedule instead of free feed like I've been doing? I'm kinda confused on how to do that.
Congrats on the pup!! I know you must be bursting with excitement. :)

When I got Cooper, he was too little to eat dry kibble, so I had to wet down his food and feed him that way. Most likely, your little one will be too small as well.

I don't know about the 2 dog household ... if you plan on feeding him puppy food, then you may have to get creative since your older dog will probably go for it. My vet told me that once a dog is seperated from the mother, it is okay to feed them adult dog food and I switched Cooper over at 4 months. I'm not sure how other vets or chi owners would feel about that but Cooper did fine and never complained.

I'm sure a multi-dog household will chime in with some good ideas though.
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