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the name is cute!! original... will you call him Lee for short?? I am so excited for you!!! and Lina!!!! lol.. you guys will have loads of fun with your new little guy, what we do since all 3 of our dogs are on different foods, is we gate the chi into one room with his food and then let the lab out to eat his food in the kitchen, when he is done we let him outside and let the italian greyhound eat. since you only have 2, just put them in 2 rooms to eat, of course they need to be on a schedule for that to work.. but just put up a baby gate and take it down once there done eating, then once Lee starts eating adult food they can eat in the same room..
hope i could help
kisses and licks
Roie and Scoot
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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