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This is just awful!!

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Oh girls girls girls *shakes head* I have some very very sad and disturbing news that I need some help with.

My bf works at a Rent-to-Own store, which puts him in many different homes through out the day. Which also means that he is constantly seeing different dogs through out the day (his favorite part of the job lol). Anyway- he told me today that he went to a home a few days ago that has a female Chihuahua (I think) that they are breeding. He said she is the most sickly looking dog he has ever seen and everytime he goes over there she is in her crate. He also said that she has large..."boobies" because of so many births. He told me that there are 5 or 6 of them living in the house and they admited to him that they breed her to make extra money off the pups!! :evil: I'm so upset about this. Who does this to poor little animals?! I told my bf to get me the address...lucky me he remembered it :).

The problem I'm having is I don't know who to call about this. I want them to at least go check it out. Do I call the animal shelter in this county? Or do I call animal control? I want to do something about this as soon as I possibly can.
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Call animal control and report it!!! Hopefully your bfriend has the address. That way animal control can investigate it and hopefully take away those poor chi's. Makes me so mad that there are people out there like that :evil:
I agree that is very sad. However, unless they are abusing that poor chi, there is probably not much that can be done. I don't know what the laws are in your area, but here in Florida you don't need a license or any sort of permit to breed.

Did she look as if she had been abused? It is heartbreaking and I hope something can be done, but unfortunately I don't know what.

I think I would call an animal shelter, or even better a chi rescue if there is one in your area. If you explain the situation, maybe they can give you some guidance. Good luck.
Well, my bf said that she looked really sick... He does still have the address. I'll go ahead and e-mail the people at animal control and the shelter in this county. My bf said that he couldn't really see if she had food and water (that was the first thing I asked). But, I'd almost bet she doesn't. The most I can do is contact the right people and hope that they go check her out. I just hope they actually do it instead of ignoring it.
That is really sad I hope something can be done but as someone said it may not be illegal but it certainly is immoral :twisted:
Gosh I hope they would check it out...that is their job after all. I think they are supose to investigate every complaint they recieve...could you just imagine if they ignored a complaint and it ended up being a puppymill or an abuse situation :shock:
Let us know what they tell you.
OMG!!!! That's terrible!!! Report is to animal control ASAP. if she is sickly looking then they might do something. and i think breeding a dog over and over again just to make money is considered animal abuse. i hope those people get whats coming to them!

those people remind me of these people my friend knows that she told me about.. they used to breed pekignese. they had 4...2 boys and 2 girls. well, they would breed them all the time, just to make money. and now, since the girls can't have anymore babies because of their age...the people gave away the 2 boys, and the girls are just gross looking. my friend said she wont even touch the dogs because they look so sick. i told her to report them but she wont because they're her "friends." and i don't know the people so i cant do anything about it. :evil:
That is so sad! I hope something can be done to help that poor baby!
I agree you have found out for a reason - to help this little girl :cry:
I e-mailed my shelter because the animal control website told me that's where that kind of thing belongs. I hope that someone goes over there and investigates this. I would hate to know that she was being hurt and bred just for the money and I knew about it and did nothing. I hope that she can be helped.
:? I am a little confused because i know breeders and alot of breeders allow 5 litters average for a breed and usually by the 3rd litter the tits tend to not pull back up the tits tend to drop more with the next 2 litters.
My sis has a female who has had 4 litters and her tits hang down and she is far far from being abused. Also she looks sickly for about 3 months after the births but that is due to the pups. All breeders are in it for the money. If they say there not then they are probably lieing. Very few breeders breed dogs for show quality or for fun for that matter. also if they said they use her to make money off her pups why is that horrid all breeders do it. why assume the dog gets no loving or attention. I think a person should never jump to conclusions. However if the bones of the dog were very visible and there was signs of abuse and your sure there has been no pups born in the last 4 months to cause her to be thin, then yes i would report to animal control or even PAWS or your local police department. If animal control takes the dog odds are the dog will be uthenized if not odopted out. You need to make sure these people are in the wrong and make sure your BF is completely positive of what he seen.
Also 5 people living in a home is not uncommon and that doesnt make them bad people. Also if every time your BF has been there and she was in the crate why should he assume that she stays there all the time. Many people crate there dogs when strangers come in there house. Maybe she bites?

dont get me wrong its not that i dont care its just that to many people are quick to jump to conclusions about outhers. I dont think from your story there is anything that unusual or crazy going on.
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Still though if your gut feeling is telling you something is wrong then you should report it...if there is nothing wrong then they wont be charged.

Also, breeders should never be in it for the money. Any good breeder knows that if they are lucky they will break even with litters because of the all the money that goes into caring for the female and the pups during the first 12 weeks of their life and most of the time you have small litters. I know and have talked with many breeders and they all say the same thing...all of them have at least a part-time job because they make no money breeding, and I know they are not liers. If you are making a lot of money on breeding then you are either over-breeding your bitch, over-pricing your pups or are running a puppy mill, but thats just my opinion.
5 or 6 people living in a house isn't that bad. And I realize that having pups takes a lot out of a dog. But, my bf has seen enough and heard enough from me to on the look out for things that strike him as strange. I, of course, was not there. But, if I just sit here and do nothing about it and this dog is being abused I'd feel awful. And, I don't think that the animal shelters here put thier animals to sleep if they don't get adopted. I just can't sit there and do nothing. If the investigators go there and find everything to be normal, that's fabulous! But, if they go there and discover that something is wrong with the pup, then thank god! One less dog living an awful life of nothing breeding.

I realize that breeders breed for money...but they're doing to make extra money. I mean, come on, that just really doesn't sound right to me. Who in thier right mind is going to breed thier dogs just because they need some pocket money?! It just doesn't seem right to me at all. And if I can stop this one dog (if in fact this is what is going on) then I'll feel a lot better. I know I can't call animal control for every single dog I see that's hurting or something, but I can do it this maybe save a dogs life.
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Oh no! That's terrible! I hope that the shelter does something about it! :evil:
Is this the only female that they are using? A female should not be bred every season. As for it being in a crate well there is nothing that can be done about that, many people living in the home isnt a crime either. the only way they can do something is If there is negelct, no food, water or living in filth, feces urine. undernourished, wounds not being taken care of. Sick and no medical attention. I thought the aspca or spca were the people to call. Me myself, i would have to go there and say excuse me do you have a pup for sale? And hopefully get in the house by requesting to see the dam and sire. After my observation then I would know where to take it from there. By all means call it cant hurt. We had a family around the block with pittbulls he was breeding and they were all caged in his yard every morning you heard them it was horrible to wake up to after the complaints to animal control he put up stockade so none of them could be seen. He sold a pup to a young coule across the street from him. I saw them tie that pit to a tree and have a larger one in front of it coaxing it to fight. then they took fire crackers and threw them around the dog . That was it I had enough.. I called police. I dont know what happened but they moved out and left every thing behind no dogs unless the dogs were taken away.
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I never said not to report the problem i was just pointing out that what you said wasnt that unusual. Only you can make your desisions. I personally hope your BF is dead wrong because if he is right then the dog is being mistreated. As for shelter uthenizing animals if there not adopted
they do here in Oklahoma. If you truely feel in your heart something is wrong then by all means report the person. If they are abusing the chi and they take it to the shelter maybe you could adopt it. And yes folks shouldnt breed for extra money but most people who have 1-2 dogs living at home and they breed there dog it is for extra money which really only replaces the money spent on dog food vet bills etc.. so it is not really extra money. Well let us know what happens. I pray nothing is wrong and if there is the chi gets adopted out.
I agree try going to the home and definately checking she is poorly treated etc , because if not you are going to worry about her :cry:

Any good breeder will tell you there is no ACTUAL money to be made in breeding once you have covered vet bills, food , worming, stud fees, vaccinations and insurance for pups like Jessica says they are lucky if they break even :wave:
i hope you can check the place out and when there is something wrong report them !!

kisses nat
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