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I dont' get that. We only rehomed one animal and thats because it tried multi times to slap my son when he was an infant and she tried to do it with claws. Sushi went to live with my mom.

I tried to rehome James and Hercules because after many many tried they were attacking my older Cat cuddles.

I had two no shows for James. I drove an hour away once to meet a lady and she never shown and never answered her phone. I have a feeling no one wanted them because I had a rehoming fee. Sorry you first have to pass my feelings and my questions before I let you have one of my cats, and yes you will have to pay a rehoming fee. I want them to go to a good home. So we ended up keeping them and letting them stay in the garage and running around outside. Might of not been the best choice but at least they had food, a place to stay warm, and a family that gave them all the lovings we could give them.

Just my personal experience with rehoming animals.

I feel for that ladies dogs. Not to be rude but an hour away yeah maybe the first month you always be over there, but after that probably once or twice a month. My father is an 45 mins away and hes just visited each of my places where I have lived maybe three times at the most.

Hopefully those dogs find good homes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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