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This might be a slightly odd question but..

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I am wondering if Guinness is "normal"? He has a very small man part. I've seen male chi's smaller than he is - and they all have real dog parts - and he still looks like he has a puppy peepee even though he is 7 months old. (Wouldn't it have grown by now??) Or is just not well endowed?

Oh, and he never developed "the lipstick". Does that only occur in males that are not fixed?

We always make fun of him too, haha. I wonder if he ever knows what we are talking about. :shock:
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I have seen male dogs at work who have very small "man parts' :wink:
I wouldnt worry too much about it
Just like human men vary so do they! Stop making fun of him, you will give him a complex :lol:
"The Lipstick" :lol:

That is hilarious, my big brother said that to me for the first time last week about a male dog, and I couldn't stop laughing at the comparison!!
the lipstick is there trust me, some dog's never expose themselves so you never see it. then dog's like my pit put it out every chance he got, PIG!!! my mom's 2 males are different too one seems like it should be on a basset houd and the other seems like he has a chi's lol.
LOL. Okay - I am just wondering. He's a big boy now.. weighs 7 lbs and still has a man part from when he was a puppy and it's just a little dingy. Not that I am complaining.. I know he is all man! But if I have to say "he" to someone else and tell them he's a boy one more time...

lol. Do people just naturally assume chi's are girls??
i think some have larger ones ......cosmo is well endowed if i compare him to my friends' chi elmo ....he has a mini :D

kisses nat

ps i call it the lipstick too :D
LOL this cracks me up!

Sounds like Guinness is normal. :D
Your puppy is completely normal, and he is very cute :D
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