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I've taken in all the suggestions you've given me on THK dog
food. Talked it over with my Hubby and he said I could get
it if I wanted for our lil' guy.

Okay, going to try to do a little homework on it,
in the mean time, could I PLEASE ask any of you feeding
it for some Feedback on it.... Tell me all you can.
I'm sooo excited to be going to try it soon and start our
lil' guy on it.


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i got this one "keen" the prowl was for my bf's kitty which he finished~

i make a stewlike boil from the pot and let it cool and hydrate then pour some on his cooked chicken. hes on cooked chicken diet not kibbles :) he loves it ^_^

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I mix usually a 1:1:1 ratio of The Honest Kitchen:Water:Raw Ground Meat(turkey, chicken, beef, lamb when I can find it) when I feed THK. It's important to not use water that is too hot or it cooks the food -- you want it fresh and raw!!

For our 10.5 lb girl she gets 2 tablespoons (1/8 cup) of dry THK mixed with the same amount of hot water and 2 tablespoons of raw meat.

For my 7 lb boy he gets 1 1/2 tablespoons of dry THK mixed with that same amount of warm water and raw meat.

For my two 3.5 lb pups, they get 1 tablespoon of dry THK mixed with water and raw meat.

You don't HAVE to add raw meat, but we do.

I overfed the product at first and they all gained weight.

My favorite formula so far (as well as gets the pup's votes) is Keen because of it's affordability and they seem to like the taste the best.

Right now we are using Verve for the month as we are giving their systems a break from poultry. It's beef based rather than turkey or chicken based. I add raw ground hamburger to their food or ground pork, and they love it.

Just so you know there are a TON of things you can add to THK, such as;

cottage cheese
plain lowfat yogurt
ground raw or cooked meats
canned no sodium added meats (e.g. chicken)
cooked boiled chicken
scrambled eggs (don't use any oil to cook unless it's coconut oil, which is GREAT for them! :))

Variety is key, mine tolerate all those things well and love them :)

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We only fed one box of the Force but I'm SO GLAD you're able to give it a try! I bet you're going to be very happy with it. My only suggestion is to buy the 10lb box as it's a better deal & it will last just fine as long as you close up the plastic bag with a clip.

My dogs love love loved the Force. Every time it was rehydrating they'd sit on the couch & shake & whine. haha And my pups generally have very good manners! We always added a bit of meat or canned ZiwiPeak (which is all meat) because I felt it lacked in the meat department but you don't have to add anything to any of the Honest Kitchen **EXCEPT** the Preference formula which you HAVE to add meat. The rest of the formula's are complete. The only time we added cottage cheese it caused diarrhea--but some pups can handle the dairy fine. Mine couldn't.

Anyway, good luck & please let us know what you & your pup think! BTW, it does take some dogs a bit to get used to the different texture so if they don't like it right off the bat give a little tough love & some time and I'm sure they'll love it soon enough. Just don't give up easily. Saying that...more dogs than not LOVE the taste so hopefully you won't have an issue. :)

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I can't believe I missed this thread. Well, we feed The Honest Kitchen too of course (and I do have coupons for THK food if you want, PM me if interested).

I have nothing but great things to say about THK. It's helped my dog with allergies and another dog with chronic irritable bowel. Not only do I love the food itself but I am happy with the company as well. The company donates a portion of profits to charity, they use free range, cage free, antibiotic free, and hormone free meats. They are increasingly trying to source more and more of their products here in our country. They use recycled material for packaging, I could just go on and on about how much I love HK as a food and a responsible company that I am proud to support.

Here's a helpful thread on common items that some of us HK feeders often add to THK if you're interested in doing that...

Here is another excellent thread, a personal review by Kristi on her experience after trying THK...

As far as us, I've tried all the HK formulas on my pack. Results will vary by individual but here's what works and doesn't for my guys.
To start, Force is my favorite product. All of my dogs do the absolute BEST on Force.

Second to that, they all do really well on Keen, Thrive, Embark, and Preference.

Zeal and Verve are tricky for my lot. My two chi girls do great on both Zeal and Verve. However my Siberian husky does not do very well on Zeal or Verve.

I know smell is often brought up as an area of concern for some and of course some people are more sensitive to than others as well. With that said, the one formula that bothers me the most as far as odor is Preference (the formula that requires additional meat). Verve also does not smell all that great either. I find Keen to be the most "pleasant" of the lot personally. Preference really is the only one I just can't stand the smell of.

If you're curious how THK looks before, during and after hydration, here are some pics I've taken in the past of a few different formulas...

Keen and Embark, before adding water:

Keen and Embark, immediately after adding water and mixing:

Keen and Embark, ready to serve after waiting 8 minutes to rehydrate:

*Different formulas below*

Thive and Force, before adding water:

Thive and Force, immediately after adding water and mixing:

Thive and Force, ready to serve after waiting 8 minutes to rehydrate:

*For the above photos I did a 1:1 ratio of 1/4 cup HK to 1/4 cup warm water.

I do different formula to water ratios depending on the formula I am feeding. For example, with Keen and Preference I do a 1:1.5 ratio of THK:water. With Verve, Embark, and Thrive I do a 1:1 ratio. With Zeal and Force I do a 1:1.25 ratio.

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Just a little info NOT to get the water too hot as this continues to cook the proteins & vitamins out of the food. I just get mine warm like when the bubbles start forming in the bottom of the pan.
VERY good point! You'll want to use warm water, not hot water.

If you want to boil water then wait until the water cools considerably before using it. I would also avoid using hot water out of the tap since the hot water and loosen minerals and metal deposits in the pipes and get into their food when you mix it. Personally, I microwave the water I use to mix my dogs' HK. I put 2 cups of cold or room temperature tap water in the microwave on high for 40-45 seconds. That gets my water warmed up just right for mixing.
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