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On a cold winter's day Timmy, our beloved 17 yr old cat, loves nothing better than to lie on his comfy bean bag bed in front of the gas fire. However, being an old fella he needs to visit the toilet more often now and he is not all happy when he returns to the living room to find HIS bed is occupied by "those pesky little girls".

I just love my comfy bed in front of the warm fire

Oh no, not again - those pesky little girls are on my bed again! It doesn't look like Mom is gonna make them go away either. She's even undressed Minx, just because she thinks it's a good chance to do some "people stuff" while they're asleep.

They do this to me all the time and I have to settle for the hard floor.

And then to add insult to injury Mom's thrown my bed out because she says it's gotten smelly. Can I help it cos' I'm old and sometimes leak a little bit of pee pee on it? It's those pesky little girls' fault that they sometimes pull my rug off it and I've wet it just a teensy bit before Mom realises. Now they take up all of the room in front of the fire.

So of course I'm grumpy. Wouldn't you be?


PS I have got another identical bed to replace the old one.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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