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thought my chi was potty trained..

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:( i have been off work for the past few months..since i got my chihuahua..had no problem training him..we use the wee problem..he learned to go there rather fast..thing is i started work a few days ago and now when i'm gone he pees wherever he wants! what is up with that..i know its gotta be spite :p how can i fix this?? he's even started doing it at night when we are asleep..and i know, i know..i should've crate trained..any other options? Help!
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Block him in the kitchen, or somewhere there is a vinal floor. Or get an x-pen and put a piece of vinal under it.
Or you could start crate training now.
Yes just confine him to an area that limits him.....they say dogs dont do it for spite even though that is our logic :)
i agree with the others and welcome by the way :wave:
Welcome to the forum. :) I agree with the advice the others have given. Don't let him have the run of the house when you are not home or at night when you are sleeping. After he adjusts to being alone while you are working, he should return to being reliable with his potty training.
Hiah Kate, welcome to the forum.

My gf and I were in exactly the same position when we got Monkey and it's easy. All you have to do is keep and eye on him. And I mean all the time ! When you're home of course. As soon as he squats, a short 'no' and pick him up and either take him straight outside or onto the puppy pads. Praise him lots for doing a good job and clean up the mess straight away. Of course when you're not there you need to confine him in a place where there is a pad or to a crate. They don't like fouling there sleeping area remember so he should learn quickly to keep it in or foul in the correct place. Hope this helps. C :)
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