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i think Dexter isnt scared of rain/thunder when he's sleepin....but boy when hes awake he is shaking like a leaf LOL!

we had a big storm the other other day and it even knocked out our power as well but it didnt last verizon however just completely went bonkers. right now my wiFi is workin but my landlines are completely dead..dont know why? :dontknow:

anywho onto Dexter :)

what was that mommy?

omg its sooo scary...i think it came from over there~? :l

another set of thunderstorms are supposed to hit after Midnight tonight and throughout tomorrow! oy vey~~ :confused:

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Ha ha cute. Cricket growls, and barks at thunder unless I'm holding her. And when I have to do something in the house she follows me around lol!
lmaoooo now that is silly!!! barkin and growlin at thunder! hehehe! awww dex loves to follow my mom around lol esp when shes cleanin the floor lmaooo~

hehe look at his little paw up
yes! i love when he does that lol

aww poor baby :)
hehe its ok! i cuddles with him after :]

What a cutie. We haven't had a thunderstorm since we got the dogs. This summe should be interesting.
thankie! lol wow...were getting another one today! u can have ours lmao

Aww poor dexter, we have had a lot of loud thunderstorms lately too. I think my pups are getting used to them now.
the loud ones are scary...i even screamed LMAO. it scared the beejezus out of me

He is so handsome!!!!!! Love his stance in the second photo.
thanks alyssa!! :D hehehe!

Love the classic chi pose with the paw up. Odie's not scared of thunder what-so-ever, but when we had our mini schnauzer, he would run and hide in the laundry room, usually even before the storm began.
hahaha laundry room...mustve felt comfy with all the clothes in there =p odie ur so brave!

Dexter is such a handsome boy! Live his coar!
thankie i actually understood ur typos lmaoooo!!! :D one of my buddies calls his collar coat a gnome beard LMAO
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