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Here are some pics and a video of tillie with her biscuits yesterday night and today:

Are They Ma Chews! :

Yum Chew! :

Me Tired Now:

Get Off Me! , Me Want Chew:

Ok I Go Sleep Mummy :

Why Camara In Ma Face? :

Me Found Chew!!! :

Me Eat Chew! :

I Sleepy 'Gain :

Get Outta Ma Face Mummy! :

Ohhhh Wats This??? :

Heres The Video :

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What a cute fluffy Chi! Seems to be very cuddly!
Yeah She Is! , She LOVEEEEEESSSSS Cuddles! lol
Mmm, those look kinda good! She sure looked like
she was enjoying them. She's a little
sweetheart. Thank you for posting those!
Haha She Loves Them! , Yeah She Is :D And No :D Will Post More
What a doll baby!
Thank You! Yh She Is :D Shes A Little Thing :p
She is adorable!!!!!!
Thank You! x
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