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TinkerBelle hearing problem

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Ok for a few days I have been worried about TinkerBelles hearing. I whistle at my pups and Dodge turns but TinkerBelle doesn't seem to hear me.Sometimes she will be playing on the floor and i whistle and it's as if she can't hear me she just continues to play. Can it just be her age or could she be deaf? I am really worried does the vet have some kind of way to know if a pup is deaf? Oh my poor baby hope she isn't deaf but more than likely I think she really is. :(
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I really hope that isn't the case. Have you tried clapping your hands? Auggie really responds to that as play. :(
Mikey responds to clapping also.
How old is Tinkerbell?
Another thing they really respond to are those clicker thingy's they sell at pet stores, they are used for training I think. They are really cheap like $1 or $2. It catches Mr. Peepers attention every time.
Ok good very good feeling a while ago. We were outside for potty time and I heard a loud ambulance and she raised her ears so that means she heard it!!!!!!!! :lol: Man I am really hoping I am wrong about her being deaf! She is 7 wks. old she will be 2 months old on Aug. 2nd. Does anybody know a good way of telling how old a chihuahua is. When I first got Tinker the lady said she was born May 24th then I called her back to ask her what date Tinker was born then she said June 2nd, I was really mad because people need to keep track of their puppies. Not a good breeder I know I should have looked more but I fell in love with Tinker and had to have her. I got her vet checked and vet said she was fine but I don't think he checked her hearing because I didn't notice him clapping at her or anything. :?
Oh about the clicking things I have seen them at Petsmart and I will go buy one first thing tomorrow, well second thing tomorrow lol have to feed my children!!! :lol:
I have had lots of pups totally ignore me when they where babies and would have sworn they were deaf. I would clap and whistle and everything and they would look the other way :shock:

HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sounds like my kids :wink: :lol:

Some started paying attention sooner then others and I never had had one turn out deaf yet(knock on wood). I'm betting if you start getting some good treats and saying "treat" when you give it to her, she will soon learn to turn around and pay attention quick when you say the word treat..... LOL

I swear all my dogs learned "TREAT" faster then anything and can hear the treat bag crinkling from 50 yards.... LOL kind of like my kids with the soda can popping... LOL.... I can scream for 20 minutes and nobody hears me but if I pop a soda top all the little ones come running from all over :D
Oh my that is too funny, like they say you only hear what you want to hear... I was outside with her today clapping my hands super loud and nothing I bet the neighbors think I'm a nut case lol. She will in fact turn when a car is coming but really far she will lift her lil ears and when a plane goes by over our house she will also do the lil ear thing. But when it comes to me it's like i'm not there. She is almost going to be 2 months old do you guys think it could be the age. Dodge is 10 weeks old and when I clap he goes nuts or when I say Dodge get over here, he comes to me. Even Blossom that is only 5 wks. responds to my clapping by licking my feet.
Give the treats a try.... I say you should know within a day or two..... or howver long it takes them to recognize the word treat with a goody in your hand...LOL

Some get it by the first couple minutes if they are little piggys :D
Oh yeah... cut up hotdogs into little squares make great cheap training treats :p
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