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Tiny ID Tags

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Since it took me forever to find an ID tag small enough for Piper, I thought I'd post the link here, in case anyone else is having problems too. I ordered it today, so I'll let everyone know how the quality is once I get it.

Here's the company:
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They have some nice tags. I wanted to order the smallest heart but the securtiy certificate expired on the site last month. I won't order from a site that is not secured. Shucks!
I bought a plastic tag for my chi cause that is what they rec. me for a pup that is teething plus you get free replacement.Lots of shapes,colors,and materials to choose one.Stainless Steel tags info. gets scratched and fades get material for chis that are not
Hey! :wink: I got Yoyo's very tiny tags from!
Very low price! Very nice plastic or stainless steel design. I've bought all for him...loved the tags and wonderful service! :lol:
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