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Tiny came home with us this morning and we are overjoyed!! She seems very happy. She's jumping from bed to bed (we got a few for her so she could have her pick, and she's comfy in them all).

I can't believe how quickly we've become attached and devoted to this little girl. I guess if you've seen her pictures and heard her story, you won't be surprised :)

Thanks you for the good wishes, I really appreciated it during those tense few days while we waited for the decision!. We will be frequent visitors to Chihuahua-People ! We've gone totally over the top for Tiny! We'll remember this day for the rest of out lives!!



Sorry these pictures are so fuzzy. I'm nowhere near the photographer Nate is! I'd better get better at it since she's such a little photo pricess!
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Tina, thank you for the quick pictures of your beautiful girl. She'll always remain special in our hearts and being able to keep up with her will be a joy. None of us are the photographers Nate and Kristen are so we won't hold quality against you either, LOL.
I am so happy for you and Tiny...she looks so will be surprised at how much more you love her as each day passes....just when you think you can't love her will ! I am overwhelmed with love for my Bella and it is the best feeling in the world....welcome to the world of unconditional love !
Tiny looks adorable in her new home. I'm so happy you will be posting pics of her, and keeping us updated. She has a special place in our hearts.

You got her several beds so she would have a choice? LOL - sounds like she will continue to be treated like the princess she is. :lol:

BTW - that really IS a good pic.
That's a great pic of Tiny and boy, she sure looks happy in her new home. You are one lucky duck to have won the Tiny Sweepstakes. :lol:
AWwwww!! I'm glad she's adapting well!! I'm glad you are the proud owner of Tiny! Best wishes to you and yours! You've got a lot of precious years with that angel!

Glad to see Tiny has settled in with you so quickly :D , chis certainly respond well to someone who loves them, congrats on becoming her new owner. :wave:
Thats awesome!! I bet she's the happiest chi in the world!! :D Congrats on your baby.
I am so happy to see Tiny enjoying her new home!!!!!! Congratulations!
Well we are happy beyond belief that Tiny got a wonderful home. Tina, the picture is great, and she looks so content. I'm also really glad that you became a part of this forum, there is just so much information and supportive people.

Lots of love - Nate and Kristin
:eek:ccasion7: cogratulations! :eek:ccasion7: Tiny looks so happy :D I think Tiny is this forums unofficial mascott :) she even looks like an older version of the one pictured in the upper left hand corner-down to the little tongue! We are all rooting for you both!
Im soooo pleased that you have tiny :D
What happened to her previously?
She does look like the dog on the banner! (who is that by the way?). To make a long story short, Tiny is a rescue that we fostered and found a great home for!
Bless her. Has she lost teeth? How old is she? :)
The cockles of my heart are all warm and fuzzy :D

Congrats Tina!!!
Is she spectacular, or what? She's sleeping in her bed in near the window in the sun and she could not look happier! I'm weeping! What a love bug!!!
Im so happy for you and tiny that you have found each other :D
Tichi said:
Is she spectacular, or what? She's sleeping in her bed in near the window in the sun and she could not look happier! I'm weeping! What a love bug!!!
I'm kinda weepy myself. Tiny seems to have that effect on people. :)
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