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My 8 week old puppy hit his head hard on the floor today. He was running around like a crazy dog, playing. He bonked his head and yelped! I panicked and rushed him to to the vet. They told me he seemed okay but to watch for: pupils that are not the same size, siezures, back legs not working properly, balance issues, and loss of control of the bowels. They told me to give him a 1/8th of a baby asperin. He seems fine but I was sooo shaken up about it I had to mention my experience to everyone here. I went to pick up the asperin and they gave me the wrong one, I read it and it wasn't baby asperine. So I went back to the pharmacy and told them I needed "baby asperin". The lady was like "you aren't giving that to that little dog are you" and I told her "yes the vet's instructions" then she said "is that dog even old enough to be away from its mother" " I was starting to get irriated. "Yes its 8 weeks old!" Sheesh, talk about not a good time for all the questions! I just wanted the pills. So all seems fine, I hope I never have this happen again!! I felt sick to my stomach!
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