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tongue & laughs

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share some tongues and laughs with bobo and i! <3
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omg what a big smile and a big tongue :shock: :lol: great pics :wave:

kisses nat
Love those pics! Especially the first one. :lol:
That's almost more tongue than dog. :lol: What an adorable, silly boy.
lol it looks like one of those large rubber toys that resemble a tongue (hope everyone knows what i am talking about if not i will have to try and find a pic lol)

thanks for sharing those pics!
I love the tongue and smile picture.

Jennie and Cocoa
His tongue almost looks to big for his mouth! Those are great!!!! :D
Those pics are soooo cute I love the tongue :D :D :D Here is Auggies tongue pic and a laughing pic
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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