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too young to be so "active"

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Sonny is a boy and not neutered yet...and i know boy dogs do that "boy thing"...but he is not even three months old yet, and let's just say, i can't even wear my fuzzy slippers around him anymore because he jumps right on them...and small stuffed animals aren't even allowed around him
is he too young to be doing this..?
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LOL - I am no expert on this, but I don't think he is too young. And don't think it is confined to just males either. :lol: I have a 7 mo. old female and one of her favorite "toys" is a fairly large stuffed teddy bear that belonged to my granddaugter a few years ago. My daughter and her family have 3 female mini doxies and they have the same situation. I've been told it is normal, and to just ignore it - :lol:
i asked this question a few days ago too :D
i couldn't help wondering if it was normal.....or did i have an extremely 'horny' dog :D
i though it was too soon.....but apparently it's normal and sometimes a dominance thing....

kisses nat
It's normal, give him one stuffed animal that is his 'humpy' buddy and teach him that that is ok and your fuzzy slippers aren't and then basically ignore his actions, LOL.
:D Okay then, i won't worry
... and if he gets REALLY carried away, don't think that "it's" going to get stuck like that and call the animal emergency center in a panic.
It will go back to normal, eventually. :oops: :lol:
Good point and I should have thought to mention that. I've gotten so used to Marcus and his bear that seems normal now, LOL.
Cody did that when he was a young puppy until he was neutered. He doesn't do it anymore and I'm glad! :D
its normal and can be a dominance thing too. Boys AND girls do this sometimes. neutering usually 'cures' of this behaviour however some dogs never 'outgrow' this behaviour, and it can start as young as 2-3 months sometimes...
Funny how this works huh =) Good thing human children don't begin this behavior at a few years old, we'd have the country in an uproar!

Sadie has been humping her stuffed bunny for years, and we have no clue why, but she loves doing it, so we just shake our heads and smile.
Gadget humps his blankets.... and his bone.. the funny thing is that he only does it at night when we are in the bedroom.
where's the link to this topic, we had a blast with it lol... i know someone here will be able to find it!
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