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Toy or treat swap

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I'm on another board and they have alot of swaps do yall have any around here ? I tried to do a search but come up with nothing.
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like just swapping things and sending them by mail? i think the site did something similar with valentine , but some things got lost :?

kisses nat
Yes I'm on a crochet board and a couple of moderators have addresses of all the paticipants and then send out questionaires to all then decide who to put together or just put random people together. I haven't heard of things getting lost but there are occasionally the bad swappers who get their stuff and bail out. Then usually a nice person will volunteer to send the person that got cheated a package.The only requirements fro joining are having at least 40 posts on the board which is low to me but hey.

So yall have had them and they didn't work out so I guess that answers my question.Or maybe just a card swap or something form one puppy to another.I don't know it's a big hit at other places.
a card swap is not a bad idea, for like christmas and valentines stuff. More expensive items can be more difficult, as there is always at least one person who doesnt keep up their end of the bargain.
If it was just cards the site could supply them to anyone who didnt recieve one after they sent one.
great idea, hopefully we'll be able to do during the next card giving event
Yep the card one would be fun too :) Doesn't everyone love getting unexpected suprises in the mail.
Sounds cool so how do we go about it someone needs to be in charge addresses, and to make sure they don't just get given out to everyone and anyone.I feel like I'm too new here to do it I mean be in charge of addys but I could help in another way.
sounds like a wonderful idea :D

i just looove lil swaps.. :oops:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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