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I dont reccomend any type of rawhide bone because they can choke on the pieces they bite off. It happened to my dog. I was at a friends house and Ginger found a rawhide bone that belonged to my friends pomeranian. All of the sudden I hear her gasping. I ran to her and she was trying to cough up a piece of the bone. She coughed it up pretty good and I was able to get it out of her mouth. I never liked them before but after that I was dead set against them.

I find that my dogs just LOVE the chew ropes, like Budah ropes. I also find that my dogs love balls and stuffed animals. The greenies will be great for her. You can also buy these bones that you can wet down and put in the freezer. When they are frozen you can take them out and your pup now has a teething toy. I love them!

Do me this one favor please!! When you go to pick up your dog look in her mouth. Check to see if all of her teeth have grown in. PLEASE PLEASE do this! That way you can decide what type of food she needs, wet or dry. If her teeth are not all the way in I would not feed her anything else but wet food until 8 weeks, then start mixing in dry with the wet. I had to do this with Ginger.

Gosh I you have her yet?? I havent been able to come on as often and might have missed a post about it.

Best of luck!!!!
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