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Ive had Peppy for just over 3 months now and he is just over 10 months old (approx.) Anywayz, I havent taken him to any obidience yet has Ive been a bit slack and busy with you uni and work. Excuses, Excuses I know :oops:
But now that Ive finished uni and got the hassles of results out of the way and have 3 months of freedom, Ive started teaching Peppy basic things myself like sit, stay, drop and all that. So far we have the sit down pat :D and sorta the stay. He has known to sit since we got him seeing as my bf taught him the day I bought him home.
I took Abby, my foxy, through some obideince a few years back so I know all the hand commandments and stuff but I have one problem.
Im using food to aid him in his training and I know dogs are food orientated but Peppy is like Obessed. He sits fine but as soon as I moved onto stay he just followed me because he thought I had food in my hand. All he looks at and focuses on is my hand and not me.
Any advice on how I can get him to focus more on me and realise that the food is just a reward when he does what Im asking him?? :?:
Eventually (once my mum rings) he and Toby are going to a private trainer. Toby was taken to them before and they do a good job. I just want to train him a bit more myself and I think its a good way to bond with him some more also.

Thanks in advance. :wave:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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