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Training tips please!

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Hi I was wondering if anyone had suggestions to help my along with my training of 8 week old Josie. She is doing fairly well I think but is not crazy about being alone at night. I have had many suggestions from other dog owners but I was wondering if you guys have had any success with these ideas: hot water bottle, ticking clock wrapped in blanket, and when away from the home leave the radio on. She has broken free from her exercise pen a few times and I am wondering if I should just let her have the run of the kitchen with baby gates blocking the other rooms. She goes on the paper but how do I know when she's truly ready or is it trial and error?
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I've had quite a few similiar experiances with Harley with confinement. He absolutely cannot stand being in his crate at night. We tried it several times, but he just stayed up the entire night...not to mention keeping everyone else up at night too. :tongue: So I resorted to letting him sleep with me at night but during the day when we're out, he stays in his crate and falls asleep. I usually will keep the T.V. on, most likely animal planet. LOL! :wink: If not, I put the radio on, I try to find a soft jazz station, just because I feel like it's soothing. When I'm eating dinner or getting ready for camp in the morning I will put Harley in his playpen, but he has jumped out but I think he feels more secure when he sees me there. I personally wouldn't let her have the run of the kitchen, it seems like there would be so much puppies would be able to get into, especially tiny puppies like chihuahuas, but obviously you know your kitchen better than me. So if you feel that it's "puppy proofed" enough, then trying to put a baby gate up may work. Also, try putting a large stuffed animal where she sleeps, I also put lots of blankets since Harley likes to burrow and cuddle. The large stuffed animal works great. I'd also make sure it doesn't have any eyes or noses that can be chewed off. Are you crate training your puppy? Well, I hope this helps you and good luck!

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hi there, i have a 3 month old baby and we have a crate for her when we cannot watch her. we tried leaving her in the living room in her crate at night for the first week or so and realized that she was not happy bc she cried and whined ALL NIGHT. we now have her crate in our room so that she can see us at night and we have not had 1 problem. she is quiet all night!!! :D that is really the only suggestion that i have. your baby probably does not want to be alone and is scared to be alone. if she can see you she might be okay at night.

i also bought this toy that has a "real heartbeat" -- actually a little device that mimics the sound of a heartbeat. zoey loves it and it seems to calm her down at night because it probably makes her think that she isnt alone! she didnt like the ticking alarm clock, hot water bottle, OR the radio being on.... GOOD LUCK!!! let us know how she is doing! :)
This is setup we curently have we have an excersise pen crate "den" inside with the door always open, litter box full of newspaper and newspaper on the floor in some spots on the floor in the pen.She always seems to find the paper and go but goes in different spots not always in litter box sometimes in front on newspaper sometimes on side on paper does not seem to have one spot where she likes to go.Is there a trick to have her go in a specific spot? She also sometimes acts like the litter box is a small play pen where she will play and lay down in .
Colleen, I 've noticed the same thing w/ Mikey, he's 10 weeks old. We put his crate in our bedroom at night he barely cries. He just whimpers for not even 10 minutes and then he curls up and off to sleep he goes. I find it works for us.
tattdangel, i was at my witts end with zoey before we started putting her crate in our bedroom at night. thank GOD... they can be noisy critters at night if they are not happy! :roll:
But isn't it to early to crate a 9 week old pup for the whole night. Won't she soil the crate from not being able to hold it.
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