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At what age can you train a chi to sit etc? My puppy is eight weeks old and i was just wondering??
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I would start right away. Simple things and only for a short period of time :wave:
Cooper could sit by 10 weeks of age. It's best to start really early so if you decide to take him to an obedience class later, you've got a head start and it makes it easier to do the more "accelerated" stuff.
what type of treats do you reward a puppy with?
You can use any doggie treat they like such as doggie buscuits, liver treats, jerky, etc. You want to cut or break it up into tiny bite size pieces though.
Old Mother Hubbard puts out a treat called "Bitz" that are small and work really well. You can find them at both Petsmart and Petco. That's what I used with Cooper so I didn't have to cut up big treats.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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