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We are going camping at an RV park for a week and we are taking Corky with us. He will be 10 weeks by the time we go. We plan on not letting him walk or roam where other dogs are or have been because of his bout with Giardia and Coccidia and he also isn't fully vaccinated yet. He will be with us in the car or 5th wheel and we have sort of a playpen thing for him to be in when we are outside cooking, etc so he can enjoy the sunshine and be with us but can't roam around where dogs have been. (I guess I should mention that he is pretty much potty pad trained in the house/5th wheel so he prefers to go potty inside or in his kennel.)

I am bringing bottled water for him and a diaper bag full of things like Nutrical, water, dishes, dog food, doggy first aid kit, needless syringes, Pedialyte, things like that.

Can anyone give me any tips or suggestions to make sure his first trip is pleasant? I am hoping he doesn't get carsick!


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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