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Traveling with your Chi

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Next month, my husband, me and daugther will be taking a trip to Hampton, VA to look at the housing market. My husband is a contractor for the military and the contract he works on is moving to Langley AFB. He was basically told to name his price to move up there. After MUCH thought about it and toying it over for 6+ months, we decided to go for it. The money was just too good to pass up. All of our family lives down here, but we have to do what's best for us, so we're looking at moving between Jan-March of next year. Since Hurricane Ivan, the housing market has dramatically increased, so we're really in a good situation right now.

So.. to make a long story long, we're going next month to look at homes currently in construction. If we can't find one, we'll go back in December and look for an already built home. We're going to take Zeus with us because my inlaws, who normally watch Zeus if we go out of town can't watch him because my FIL just had open heart surgery. The longest Zeus has been in a car is 2 hours,but he's a great passenger. Usually, I would just let him sit in the back seat w/ my daughter, but my husband just recently got me a new Nissan Murano with leather seats (other car had cloth) and I"m a bit concerned with his nails scratching the leather. Is he going to be ok in his crate for 6 hours (2-6 hour days). Of course I"ll be stopping every couple hours so he can go potty and stretch. Also, how are hotels with small dogs?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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Can you fold up a blanket and cover the seat with it?

Have you tried looking on the internet for housing in the area you want to move to?
Virginia can be quite expensive in some areas. I just don't want you to be shocked at the prices.

Try going to or or one of the realtor sites and doing a search.
Thanks Ms_P! I've looked at and I'll check out Century21 as well. I wasn't as shocked as I thought I'd be. We've done some prelimary research on the area and from what I understand, the Hampton/Newport News area is much less then the Alexandria area which many people relate VA cost of living to. Is that correct? Florida has no state income tax and VA's is 6%? I"m not looking forward to that. Hrmm... can't I just buy a lot in Florida and keep my FL residency?? lol I found some houses we like that are in our price range. Fortunately, we bought our home in FL in 1997 and the value of the home has appreciated 100% from the original cost of the house when we built it. Between the appreciation and the equity we have in the home, we'll be able to move into a larger house for the same amount of money we're paying in a mortgage currently. The houses in that area are absolutely beautiful and I love the vegetation. I'm about 2 miles from the beach, so trees are a rarity here and all homes are generally a 1-story. I've always been fond of Colonial homes. I'm actually looking forward to see all 4 seasons. This morning, I took Zeus out and it was 65 degrees. I came into the house and said to my husband "Wow, it's freezing outside." and he just laughed and said "This is nothing, wait until you experience a winter in VA." My husband was raised in Baltimore. I'm actually looking forward to seeing snow. I've never even driven in snow. I'm sure that will be an experience. I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe when I move. All I own is shorts/short sleeve shirts/a couple nice slacks and a light jacket. LOL

Thanks again for the advice. Any information you have about that area would be greatly appreciated. Good idea about the blanket and seat. I'll get a thick enough one that his nail can't penetrate it.

Thanks again, Rebecca
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Good luck. When you pass by say "hey". I live in North Carolina (Raleigh).
The best 2 pet friendly hotels i have found are La Quinta and Comfort Inn. There is a website that is helpful. Good luck :D
I don't have advice on the doggie issue although I think the thick blanket idea is a really good. Just keep us posted on what you all decide. I am sure it'll be tough to move from family but you're right. You have to think how it will help you and your hubby and daughter.
Rebecca - it sounds like such an exciting change for you like a new beginning -how many hours away are you from family ? I have all leather sofas at home and I was worried about their nails but they have not damaged them yet - but you could put a cover pver the back ones - I would think he will be fine to travel as long as you stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs etc.

viginia sounds very pretty - is there no members from there who can tell you a little more ? keep us postd on what you decided
Sounds like you are on the right track with the housing.
I don't know much about Newport News/Hampton. My Aunt used to live in Alexandria, it was a beautiful area. But very expensive.
Hopefully there will still be some fall colors left on the trees by the time you make your trip. You will love it.
And yes it does get well below 65 degrees up here. You will need lots of sweaters and coats for Zeus and yourself. The coldest time of the year is around January/February.
Don't get excited about driving in the snow, it can be dangerous. And it can get icey too. If you can, stay home or let someone else drive LOL.
Virginia is my's beautiful there. Hubby lived near Busch Gardens, which is a cool place. We may move there is 3yrs or Texas.
Best of luck. Cost of living will be higer than Fla.....dont come any closer to PA cause it will be unreal! I hate it, we cant even afford a house here and in Texas we can afford a huge home..........go figure. Texas has no tax either... :lol:
some hotels allow them like Red Roof Inn allows them and I think it was motel 8 allows them now too. Of course if he didnt bark alot I wouldnt tell them :D
Thanks all for the great advice. This move sounds like an adventure, but it's also quite stressful. Virginia is about 12 hours from family. Right now, family is about 45 mins (my parents and my husbands). I'll have to buy Zeus a sweater before we go up there next month for a visit. I never really had to buy Zeus sweaters. He had one when he was a baby because it was in the 60s and he was so tiny. I'll keep you all posted and if anyone has anymore advice, I welcome it.

Moving with 4 cats, ferret, and 1 dog. My parents will be bringing the 2nd dog ( 8 year old beagle/walkerhound) when they come to visit the first time because she spends a lot of time w/ my parents currently and moving everyone at once I think would stress her out and my parents won't keep her permanently.
Kemo's mamma said:
. Texas has no tax either... :lol:
....cor blimey, talk about the old saying ' the rich get richer!' :shock:
You could look into an auto pet blanket, might be a bit spendy...but I think that they are backed with something that is waterproof and then the dog side is soft material. They might even have a way to attach them.
But if they are too spendy, you could just take a fleece throw and sew a piece of elastic to one corner, or some ties. That way you could tie it around the headrest, to keep in place..keeps it from sliding off the seat.

I moved from St. Louis, Mo to Dallas, TX, a 12 hour drive straight through and I brought Chiquita down here with me and she was fine in her crate with a few bones and her cuddlies for the car ride. Everytime we stopped I offered her water and gave her a chance to potty. Don't give dry kibble or treats, Chi's can get car sick easily. Just my .02
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