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Does anyone have any suggestions for treating your yard for fleas? This is one of the worst years yet. Even the Frontline is not keeping the fleas off of my dogs, I have been washing them with fleas stuff and using sprays. I have already treated my yard with lyme (something a rescue suggested) I did this Monday and my yard is still infested, I have tried the granules you get at Walmart and some of the sprays you get at Lowes.

I need any and all suggestions I can get!!! :?

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My garden center suggested this stuff: for fleas and other bugs - it's non-toxic and safe for pets and humans.

I can't tell you if it works or not because I'm too lazy to spray my yard with it. :D

You can also buy natural pet shampoos that will repel fleas and bugs.

OHHH... and if you have fire ants in NC (we have them here and I hate the little buggars), use dried molasses (it's hard to find, but cheap and worth every penny +). Just sprinkle it on your yard and you can actually see the fireants getting the heck away from your property. The best thing is, they won't come back for about a year. One bag cost me $5 and covered my yard, front and back.
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