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My puppy is 11 weeks old and finally can understand and do sit, give paw and lay down. It took a while and she still will only do it if no one else is watching. Come here is not going so well. At what age can they usually start mastering commands?
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as early as 8 weeks their brain can retain things like an adult dog... it just takes them more time to get it into the brain...

I started working with Gadget on things from the day I brought him home.. he was only 3 weeks.. I had to teach him how to walk... eat and drink on his own..

It was sure a fun thing to do but I was very lucky that he did as well has he did.. not all pups do as well that young going away from their mom...

I think he was about 8 weeks when he got sit down.. and then the other stuff came pretty easy.. except come... I kept working on him.. and I actually have to say lets go.. then he will come to me.. it is weird I know.. but that is what he understands....

Just like the dog whisperer said.. you have to find that sound or word that they understand as that command... he does sssssssssppppt for when he wants the dog to stop doing something... I tried that with gadget and he just looks at me and keeps doing what he was doing.. but if I say NO he stops and looks at me... he knows that is it...

I taught him alot of tricks..

You just have to keep working with him.. he will get it... I have a bowl of treats(little tiny pieces) sitting here on the table and one in the bedroom for when ever he does his tricks.. it's funny because we taught him sit pretty.. and he started doing it when we are eating and he wants it.. well, he tell him he doesn't get any until he stops beggin... he will sit down and look at us.. then we will give him what ever it is.. the funny thing is he knows the difference between sit prety and beggin... it is so neat..
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I think that is good for her age. We got Vida when she was 3 months. She knew sit down, and shake. We didn't work with her at all, and about 6 - 10 months lator we decided to try and work with her and she still remembered. She just barely learned come a couple of months ago. I have always tried to get her to come and she just finally learned it.
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