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Sorry for the double post of Pippin today. I'm trying to learn how to post photos here by following the handy tutorial. Wish me luck....

Obviously doing something wrong. Back to the drawing board. :{

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Wondering why the photo itself doesn't show up? Not just the link to it.

The reason is that I am quite forgetful :rolleyes:
Flickr has changed the way they do things since I created that tutorial.
I need to update it ! I'll try to do this tomorrow
Sorry for the confusion :p

Here's what you need to do now;

1. Open your flickr/photo page that let's you pick a size. If unclear, I mean THIS >CLICK ME

2. Pick the size you want (large, lets say)

3. When that large image is on the screen, put your mouse on the image and right click

4. Select 'Copy Image URL'

5. Come back here and click the "Insert Image' icon up above

6. Where it says "Please enter the URL of your image" right click the mouse again

7. Select "Paste"

8. Click OK

That should put your image on the screen - You can use the 'Preview Post' button down below to see what it will look like before you actually Submit it.
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