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Tsunami came home today!

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Went and picked up Taco's half sister today!
She is very shy and nervous atm. I hope she will adjust ok.

Got a new phone so I will be posting some pics of both.

Also thinking of changing her name to Miss.Tilly

This is a pic that the breeder took.
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She is beautiful! I hope she warns up soon.

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Congrats, She is beautiful.
Yay! Welcome home!! Can't wait to see more pictures of her, she is beautiful!
Aaaaaawwww!!!!!!! So cute!!!!! Tsunami is so gorgeous! If he's gone, you kno who has him! ;)

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She is awesome. I'm sure she will settle in soon.
She is precious!
Oh she is a cutie pie!
Thank you all for the sweet comments. She has calmed down quite a bit. She has bonded to me mostly. She still is somewhat shy around my hubby and son. With my daughter she is not so shy. Whenever I have to go out (or all of us) and then come back, she comes running and wagging wanting me to pick her up. She doesn't pay much mind to anyone else lol.
She's a beautiful little princess she has perfect marking and lines. I hope she settles in soon.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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