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How to re-size your photos with out using photoshop or paint, This is one of the quick-est ways to do this.

It is called LunaPic Online Photo Editor.

Usually when you take a picture on a camera it is extremely large, most people don't mind it, but some have been asking me how to resize them if they don't have a photo program on their pc, and just want to do it quick-style.

1st. Go to

2nd. Choose file, and upload.

3rd. This is an example of the file i chose, after i uploaded it, it should look like this.

4rth. On the left side there are tools, it should look like the image below.

5th. Click on the tool, that is called "scale image", wich looks like this.

6th. Enter new Dimentions, or Drag the corners to the size you want.
NOTE** I always enter the dimensions, if you enter the desired width first it will automatically enter the proportined size for the lenght, this keeps your image from looking distorted, don't forget to hit the "Scale Image button" if not you lose changes.

Example of my end result***
I set my width to 300, and it automatically changed my lenght to a proportioned size. Example below.

After that you may save to your computer, and upload it to your photobucket or if you don't have an account with photobucket, you can use (they don't require registration)

Add to forum by placing the "direct link for your image" on the insert image section up on top of where you add images to the thread you are working on. hope this is helpful, thank you for viewing. Btw they also have several online tools you can use for images, like text, photo changing colors, animations, glitters, etc.
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