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Two little one!

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I wanted to get a good picture of Bruiser, Teddy Bear and Chloe together. :) It is so hard to get them to hold still :roll: I love these pictures, it shows "Chloe's" little white "cross" on her chest. :D And Bruisers round round head...... :wink:

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Oh my gosh! They are all so adorable and look like such angels :wave:
3 sweet babies you have there! They are all so beautiful!
Aww, they are so cute in those pics! :love4:
They are ALL so cute!! :wink: I love Chloe, she's so little!
What a beautiful chi family! I imagine it's next to impossible to get them all in the same frame at the same time, looking in mostly the same direction. :lol:
3 beautiful chi's and all so different from each other...nice to see them all together..
now i can see what jumba and chiwi will be like size wise :)

great pics!!
What an absolutely gorgeous family you have! :p They're all so different looking but each one of them is so very beautiful!!! Lovely babies! :)
WOW :D what a absolutely beautiful chi family. They are just so cute together and what a great picture of them. :)
awwww my mum is in love with chloe!
Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! They are all three just as sweet as they can be.....though sometime "Chloe" get in a "Mood" since she thinks she is a Diva! :roll: :wink: I tell her all the time "the world does not revolve around you Sis!" :wink:

what a perfect pair :shock: more apply than that is impossible :D

kisses nat
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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