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In the next months, we are having to leave the area and downsize to an apartment for a job my husband has been offered (cut backs and closings here). It can be at least a good year for us to be able to purchase a home while we sell this one. We have our 2 old girls who we can have with us but we need to find a really awesome home for this little guy, Grendel.

Grendel is a handful, no doubt. He's been spoiled and literally bounces on our heads. He's amazing with other animals of all sizes and children. He is full of personality and turned 2 on February 7th. He is very, very attached to me. He is whiny and a baby in every way. He is extremely energetic and is an extremely nervous dog when we are travelling, shopping or even with my friends (who he knows). It takes him a long time to relax with someone but it can be different when I'm not in the picture. He is strong-minded and stubborn-his new mommy and daddy would have to be very firm with him and able to withstand the cutest, most heart-melting look and cuddles he can give you. It's tough. But with this move and our trips, he is confused and scared and I don't think we can handle him in an apartment for so long with the two girls.

He has only recently been neutered as he had a testicle that didn't drop so the vet opted to wait a year when he was 6 months old. He's up to date on everything and has a small underbite. This little man is chaos personified and a very, very intelligent little guy. He gets bored easily. He's not destructive at all and prefers to just sit on someone's lap all day (as any chihuahua). He's pad and outdoor trained however I can foresee his new owner having to be a bit tough on him at first for the change and really watch him.

I trust the people on this site. This is breaking our hearts literally. We have about 4 months to find a really special home for him. We are located in Binghamton, NY on the border of PA and about 2 hours from NY city. We can travel between PA and all around NY if we feel confident he is going to a great family.

Thank you.

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