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TX cooper mom Rotisserie Chicken Recall

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I was wondering when you first use the chicken recall do you first say only once Come, Cocoa. If he doesn't come do you go get the chicken, or do you have it with you, and little him sniff it . Do you then put it back in frigerator without giving him any treat cause he didn't come the first time? Am I on the right track? If Cocoa wont come, then do i go pick him and escort him inside? Can I also use something also like someked ham as high value come treat.

I save and print everypiece of obdience especially since my puppy comes home soon, early december. Do you have anything on play biting and what you can do?

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You've got it. The very first time, you say "Come, Fido" just the once - of course, your dog won't catch on and you go get the chicken (I always put it on the floor insde the back door of the house so Cooper couldn't see it), take it out there, open the lid, let them sniff, shut the lid and go straight back in and put it away in the fridge. (Your dog will follow you, of course! LOL) No treat is given at that time.

The whole idea is to leave the dog wondering if you'll give him some chicken each time he comes to you. The first time, you are showing him what you've got and that you might share it with him.

When you let him back outside, you repeat the process... "Come Fido" - then you go get the chicken, take it out there, open and close, back in the fridge. No treat. Pretty soon, the dog will learn that the chicken is always preceeded by the "Come Fido" and they will eventually come to you when you call.

You won't have to pick Cocoa up from the yard because most likely, he'll follow you in when you put the chicken away. :D

The pup shouldn't get a treat until the first time you say "come" and he comes. Show the chicken again but give the kibble instead. It reinforces the "when do I get the chicken?" question in their head. When you do finally work up to the chicken, don't forget the next few times to give just a treat or kibble to keep him guessing.

As for the high value treats, you just need something the dog really loves that he doesn't get very often. We used green beans cooked in chicken broth and a little onion powder to make them smell a bit more when I showed them to him - not very exciting but Cooper would do anything for a green bean. Whatever you use, it needs to be very fragrant so when you open the container, the dog can get a really good whiff of what you've got. It also needs to be something that can be stored for about a week in your fridge.

The chicken was only used because you can buy one fully cooked at the store and it's easier than cooking something to use. :D Plus, they're yummy. :lol:

I'll look through the paperwork to see if I have anything on biting for you and post later if I find it.

Also, you might want this site in your favorites: It's a great resource.
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