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Ty and Chloe Pics

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just a couple pics i took during the week
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awww they are gorgous! love the colouring! they look very happy! cute! thnxs for sharing!
How cute! It looks like they have little smiles on their faces in the first pic. :D
They really are smiling in that first pic! Are they always so good about posing for the camera? Lily just turns away. :lol:
thank you for the compliments! theyre good with taking pics but its hard to get them together so for those pics i use treats and tell them to sit lol theyre so obedient for food! i got them all new treats after reading some posts about bad stuff in them like the corn gluten and bht and bha so i got natural choice lamb ones that didnt have any of that. they seem to like them as you can tell :)
They really do looking like they're smiling in the first picture! What a couple of happy, pretty babies! :)
aw what a bunch of happy chi's! from the looks of their faces they really really liked the treats!
wow what a perfect couple !!!! chloe is my favorite :wink: such special coloring :shock:

kisses nat
They both are adorable. They look so happy.

They are so precious. I also love the coloring.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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