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Type of Kibble?

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I live in a small town in Canada and as such during the winter we are "trapped" in town. There are no pet stores and we do not get the brands that I have read you guys feed, most especially the high quality kibbles like Chicken Soup, Gold, etc. However, I can get Eagle Pack, is this a Canadian brand? Which is a higher grade kibble, but I'm not sure how reliable the supply is. I work an IGA and we get Top Choice, Purina Dog Chow, Kibbles and Bits, those types, which I don't really like. However, what do I do if I get a high quality kibble and then I'm snowed in and run out of food? I figure on "stocking up" on bags of food, but with one dog, and a pup to boot, won't the food go bad?

I'm going to call a place that can get in different types of food and see what they can do. I just need small bags as well. I want to maintain freshness. Can kibble be frozen if I have to buy large bags? Thanks again!
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:eek: It all depends on how many dogs you have. If is only the one, my Stinky has had his 8lb bag of Eukanuba puppy food since I got him which was at 8 weeks he is now 5 months so it pretty much lasted 3 full months ( :D I'm getting another one this week) So, whatever kibble you choose see how much you are getting, I wouldn't recommend freezing dry kibble since is probably gonna turn soggy after thawing AND as long as you don't open all the bags you are planning to store the kibble should be ok. Check for expiry dates so you can choose the fresh and long lasting ones! :wave: Hope it helps!

P.S. I didn't store my puppy's food in different containers or anything I left them in the bag they came in I just make sure that everytime I use it I close it tightly. If you are worried about freshness or don't like to keep it in its original bag you could get a plastic container especially for storing pet food. Buying separate bags might get expensive after a while. Where in Canada are u from?
eukabuba and Iams are great food, we mix them both. eukanuba is very tiny so it is easy for puppies but you also want them to be use to a bit bigger kibble, that's why we mix it. Don't ask me if this is true--but I heard that they dont poo as much with Iams. But I find that hard to believe because what comes in must go out right? Anyway like I said I like mixing them and would never switch foods, they like it their coats look shiny and everyone is happy. The odd time I will also mix in ceasars dry kibble, it has lots of little treats in it--they like that 2. Good luck with your search
I keep a small amount in a tuperware gizmo for immediate use and the rest is in sealed bags that the air is pushed out!. This has kept the food fresh. Kemo eats so very little dry that it lasts forever. I would still try to feed the best that you can. Also Natural Balance has a dog food roll and that can be frozen for quite some time.
you can definitely buy plastic containers to keep the kibble in. it will keep it fresh and that way you can buy bulk for over the winter! there are a few websites that i've found that have really good quality food (innova, canidae, calif natural, etc) and i have sent them an email asking if they ship to Canada. the website is you can visit there and check it out if you'd like!

i really don't like eukanuba OR iams. they are not a good brands of dog food. eagle pack is a great brand and is really healthy. if you can get it in Canada i would definitely go with that over store brands.
Where in Canada are you from? I'm In Newfoundland. I've looked in every pet store we have in this city (st.johns) and the best food I could get my hands on was eukanuba. And even for that I have to drive to Mount Pearl (15 or 20 min drive) but its what Callie was eating before I took her home and she lishes it down so thats my main concern, that she likes it.
Hey fellow canucks!

Welcome, Katt! I am a fairly recent member too! I live in Montreal but am originally from Timmins (WAY COLD, BAYBEE!). My chi, Flea was on Eukanuba and Science Diet at her previous owners...a backyard breeder who had so many dogs that I'm sure she didn't notice that Flea was itching like crazy after eating this food. I switched to a high grade allergy formula (duck and potato) from Natural Balance. She has been on this for only a short time, and already I notice changes in her coat. It is not only getting thicker (she has white fur and you could see her pink skin underneath...but not as much now)...but it is also softer and the tear stains from her eyes are even clearing up!!! So, I am a big fan of this food, needless to say.

I have also heard wonderful things about Eagle Pack and Wellness foods. You may even be able to buy these at your local vet...sometimes they carry premium brands you can't find in pet stores.

The good thing about chis is they are so small that you can afford to feed them top-notch food and it won't break your budget...even if you order online.

Having said this..for some reason, what you feed your dog can be a huge point of contention for people and everyone's got their opinions. I personally feel that if your dog does well on a specific brand...they have a nice coat, are healthy etc...there is no reason to change it. Hey, growing up I had a dog that ate store-bought dog food and she lived to the ripe ol' age of 18!

Good luck!
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colleen13 said:
i really don't like eukanuba OR iams. they are not a good brands of dog food.
:cry: You make me feel like i'm a bad Chi mom. :D Stop this Eukanuba and Iams are evil already, tell that to the thousands that buy it. :D We all should agree that we have different opinions on this topic and that WHAT WORKS for ONE dog, DOESN'T WORK for all!
Eukanuba and Iams are evil b/c they test on dogs and cats correct? Not b/c the food itself is bad? At least that is what I have read.

Personally, I feel better knowing that the food I buy is tested. If such things weren't done, no one would know what is happening with these foods?

There's no difference between eating meat and feeding your pets Iams/Eukanuba. Cats and dogs are livestock in other countries and as long as they are treated well and humanely destroyed we should have no contention with the testing Iams undergoes.
^ Yes, IAMS/Eukanuba are part of Proctor & Gamble, who test on animals. :(
i'm sorry!! didn't mean to step on any toes... and vala!! i didn't mean to make you feel like you are a bad chi mom! :cry:

yes, both iams and eukanuba do test on animals. and the quality of food is not that great.

check out these sites if you'd like. the first one has some really good information about different dog foods and their nutritional content. the 2nd is why i am not a fan of iams.
That "investigation" was conducted by PETA for reference.

As well, this isn't helping much in gathering info on good kibble to feed.

I'm in Saskatchewan for all you other chihuahua owners!
Katt said:
However, what do I do if I get a high quality kibble and then I'm snowed in and run out of food? I figure on "stocking up" on bags of food, but with one dog, and a pup to boot, won't the food go bad?

we answered your question. get a plastic container and put the kibble in it and it will stay fresh.

i was trying to help you find a good brand of kibble to feed your chi. that is what the 1st website was.
I keep my large dogs food in huge rubbermaid container... then again I have to buy about 60 pounds of food every month and a half for those two!!! Granted I don't keep their food for a long time, but it does stay fresh. You could always buy the small bags, but I think you get a better deal with the larger bags, and just place them into a large container all together until you need them. I wish I could be of more help, but I think it should be ok.
And I do recomend talking with your vet. They usually carry really good brands, and you can always have food shipped to you if need be, however if you are going to be snowed in you will need a BUNCH shipped prior to the heavy snowfall.

Best of luck,
:eek: Hey Katt, here is a link to I don't think they are Canadian since it says they are a family run company and their base is on US but they have lots on info on their product. My suggestion is that if you are afraid you are gonna get snowed in and Eagle pack is more available to you go for it, also, i think you don't have your puppy yet, right? if you don't Talk to the breeder see what he/she recommends and what his/her pets are on. :wave: Hope it helps!

P.S. If you are wondering about any other brand go to any search engine on the net and look up their website they have some good info on their products.
Sorry I mean to say the Eukanuba/Iams debate wasn't helping! Sorry!!!!
Eagle Pack. This brand is what the breeder recommends and I can get it shipped to here in 20lb bags whichs is four months worth of food no? It costs $35CAD. That's cheap compared to feeding my three cats at $30 a month!

I think that is what we are going to go with.
:shock: wow that's really cheap...i buy my puppy an 8lb bag at
$16+tax and THAT lasted him 3months so I think yours is gonna last even more...go for it!
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