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tyson and george

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Hello :wave:

heres tyson and his babysitter george in their new tops!!
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Vicki - i had to adapt the top for tyson and cut of the sleeves and bottom bit it was a bit tight and couldnt get it on or off, its perfect now! hope you dont mind x
lol , such great photos , tyson looks just perfect & so much fun :D
hiya of corse i dont mind its his top now i think he looks great in it and im glad it fits him better
I'm in love with Tyson! He looks just like my chi that I had as a pup and I want to squeeze him until his cute little head pops off!!
Two handsome little "fellas" :D George is a cutie too!
WHat a pair of cuties!! Love their tops!!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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