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My boyfriend came home during his lunch break to check on Oreo as he often does to make sure she is handling being home without people and all that. When he got to the room she was left in, she wasn't there. She wasn't anywhere in the house. The doors were unlocked and the house alarm wasn't on, so he thought maybe someone came in and stole her. He called up his parents and brother and neither had taken her. Then he got a hold of his other brother, and turns out he had taken her to a dog park with their other dogs (one is a great dane and one is a chow chow). For one thing, I don't think it is very appropriate to take a 2 pound chihuahua to a dog park where there could be dogs that are much bigger and with the risk that some may be vicious or unsocialized, but worst of all is the fact that she has only had her first 2 set of shots. I was VERY pis.sed off to hear that he took my dog who is not yet fully vaccinated to a dog park without my or my bf's permission. Ugh.

Now, I need some proof that it is bad to take a dog outside (on the grass and such) when they are not fully vaccinated, because his brother does not believe this is true. Can someone provide me with a link that I can use as proof?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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