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Hi all

I thought that I would share this link with you all, in case you have not seen the new reports or been told by friends.

There is a mystery illness effecting dogs at random, and 1 in 5 times, it is fatal. I think it is mainly in certain areas, but it is always good to be aware. Poppy walked in Rendlesham Forest only a few weeks ago, she has had no problems, thank goodness, but there is a questionnaire which they are asking to be completed if you have walked in one of the 4 main areas since 1 August. Even if your dog was not effected, then they are asking for information to try and help identify the cause. We will be completing for Poppy.
So please pass on the word to anyone you think needs to know and/or can help

Seasonal Canine Illness | Animal Health Trust
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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