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Hi, I have a pretty strange situation and not sure how to go on. We have 2 mature female chis that were spayed when they were puppies. We got our newest puppy, Grendel, last year. We are only used to females and not so knowledgeable about male challenges. So we took our puppy to the vet and asked every month I would ask anxiously when he could be neutered. By the fifth month, I was ready to do this but my vet informed me that he had one testicle still not descended and to wait to a year age. Groan. This was a huge disappointment but I didn't want to make it any worse.

Grendel turned a year old the week of Valentine's Day and I was at the vet the very morning. She examined him and said that she could feel the second testicle has come almost down and to give it just a few more weeks. I again make the appointment for the first week in March but the Vet calls and cancels, saying to reschedule for the end of March. Enter the coronavirus. Now I am in NY, the vets office is still closed and I have a crazy boy on my hands.

I know nothing about having an unneutered boy but he's acting crazy; not just around the older girls but us as well. He's sniffing erratically and wound up without a moment's rest. He moves his lips in a strange vibrating way and has exhibited many traits of what I assume is related to his sexual maturity.

Desperate for help here. First, he's got to be miserable. I'm also concerned that the behavior he's learned at being unneutered is no longer able to be corrected after being neutered. And for now, I can't get him to calm down. My husband and I both have tried to get him to calm down but to no avail. I've been trying to get him neutered with my vet and getting desperate here. Any help or advice really appreciated.
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