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Hey Guys,

Hey guys hope everyones ok. Just a little update on my little girl and a few questions too :). Well Ruby is doing well and I couldn't have asked for a better pup she is so friendly towards everyone and so confident. She is now fully vaccinated so we are expanding her socialisation to the big wide world. I am wondering about getting her use to other dogs as hardly any of my friends have dogs for her to meet and I have looked into puppy socialising classes but I am really struggling to find any in my area and my vet didn't know of any going at the moment either. Does anyone know of any in the West Yorkshire region and is this a good idea? Also I am scared of introducing her to other puppies or doggies cause they will be alot bigger and could be too boisterous for her or hurt her, am I just being neurotic lol?? I just want her to continue to be a well rounded doggy.
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