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Update! Leaving Gizmo alone..

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Just thought I'd let you know he is doing a great job of staying alone...What we did was surround his basket with those circular puppy pens so if he jumped out he'd still be in a confined space...but he hasn't jumped out at all, we make him run around and pee before we leave...we don't look at him, don't say a word, we just leave and he doesn't whine anymore! In fact when we get home we settle in before we say hi, and most of the times he is either waking up or still asleep!

I am so happy! Plus he runs around the house now for about 3 hours and when he needs to pee he goes to the door...!!!

Did I mention I love chihuahuas??!!!

See ya!

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wow that is cool.. I am glad he is doing good about staying home by himself.

Gadget stayed home this morning for 2 1/2 hours by himself.. He wasn't happy about me leaving.. but he seemed to handle it ok... He was bouncing around from door to window barking with excitement when I walked up tot he door... It looked like he didn't do anything when I was gone.. there was nothing moved around when I got home... And he used his potty pads and not the floor....
Yay Gizmo! :wave: Sounds like you are handling it exactly right. That has to make things soooo much easier on you. :)

Yea for Gadget!!

Our babies are growing up :crybaby:

It makes things alot easier, now I don't feel so guilty...but it's funny, even my husband now when we leave Giz alone will tell me, Honey we should head back now, the babies all alone...this from a guy who said "I only like big dogs"! Chi's have that power!!!!
YAY!!!! That is exciting for you
waauw sounds like he's doing relly great!!

kisses nat
Hooray for Gizmo!! :blob7: What a good boy!!
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