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I haven't had much time to post as much as I would like as I've been busy and dealing with family drama so I will do a big update now with pictures :)

Bailey is almost 9 months old! Where did the time go?? I haven't gotten her weighed in awhile but last time she was just under 4.5 pounds. I'm guessing she is just under 5 now. I already want another (maybe 2) but no way my parents are going for that. Oh well, I'll be moving out soon! After all that scare with her being sick and the vet blaming it on the Ziwi Peak (yeah right, but whatever) and my mom getting worried about it, not wanting her on it we switched to Taste of the Wild. A few weeks later we got the sample of ZP that I ordered A LONG time ago, so I was feeding her that off and on. THEN the recall for ToTw came out and we took it back, getting ZP instead (YAY!) So far she is doing awesome on it again (The lamb and the venison she loves) She was on the venison and fish when she got ill so just in case.. I'm not going to buy that one. That and she doesn't care for fish. I tried getting the trial bag of Acana Pacifica and she will NOT touch it. Oh well.

Now for the good part... Pictures! Excuse the cat being in most of them. They are pretty well inseperable

Yes she is laying on the floor, its super hot in my room so i have my fan going full blast and she HATES things blowing on her, so she is hiding :) Silly monkey
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