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Hi all,

Chloe and really appreciate all the well wishes :)

After sleeping all day yesterday she is a much brighter little girl today. She's getting around on 3 legs when she needs to eat, drink or go to the toilet and is occasionally putting down her bad leg and putting a bit of weight on it. We are trying to get her to rest but she wants to follow axel around, I guess a bit of exercise is good for her anyway.

We're still icing the leg every 2 hours or so and she must be feeling better today because she is complaining about it now whereas she just lay there yesterday. Unfortunately the anti inflammatories she's on are giving her the runs so I'm making sure she drinks plenty of water.

Axle is soooo jealous of the extra attention Chloe's getting. He cries when I sit down with her to ice her leg but if I let him up with us he tries to sit on top of her.

All we can do now is wait to see how it heals and if the leg grows at the same rate as the other one. The vet estimates 8 weeks before we can be confident that it's 100%.

Thanks again for all the kind wishes,

Sarah and Chloe
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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