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Hi everyone. If you've read my previous posts I've been having a really hard time with my (non-furry) baby since he was crying a lot. I had just gotten a new puppy FILA 2 weeks ago.

FILA is almost completely potty trained (yay!) she even poops on the potty patch (grass) and pees on the pad in a separate area :) Hopefully I can start creeping the two together and she'll learn to poo and pee on the patch.

My son changed in the past couple of weeks and he's been chuckling and bursting out laughing a lot more :) He especially loves seeing the two dogs running around playing. My goodness is it a blessing! His crying every now and then doesn't seem so bad anymore :)

I've been... uh.. busy...This allergy season is wearing me out! I haven't been able to look at everyone's posts like I used to be. I just wanted everyone to know I love you all, you're such great peoples ;)

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Hey Pastel! :wave:

I'm so happy to hear from you. Glad it's all looking up.
Give those kids of yours a big kiss from me(both the human and the furry ones!).

Once you find a little spare time I'd love to see some pics of Fila & Nike! :)
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