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Thank you to everyone for all the advice given for Diva, and also, for the clarification on "tea cup". I just thought I'd give an update on how she's doing. I've been really, really diligent about taking her to her pee/poo litter box and she will now pee when I say "go pee-pee". She is also starting to go pee more in the box when I am not at home, which is really exciting, and, I have seen her go to the box to go pee on her own once!!! Plus, she's only had 3 accidents since my last post!!!! This is a HUGE step for Ms. Diva. I also took her to a different vet (for a second opinion) and had a urinalysis and an x-ray of her bladder done....turns out, she has crystals in her urine and her x-ray showed 4 small stones :( Poor girl. So, she's on a special food and AB's to clear up any infection that may be present. Also, more bad news, :( she fell off our bed and broke three of her toes, so she'll be in a splint for the next little while. Other than all that, she seems to be do really well and the potty thing really is coming along. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and comments - greatly appreciated.

Angel :D
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Oh my gosh...poor Ms. Diva ! I hope she is feeling better real soon. Glad to hear the training is coming along.......having a UTI probably didn't help matters. Bella sends her a big hug .
I am glad you took her to another vet and found out she does have something wrong.. now you can help her get better...

Hugs from us to you and Diva
i always forget to mention when an animal is peeing all over there may be an underlying cause like UTI or stones/crystals....

glad she is getting better! hoep those toes heal fast!
i'm glad miss diva has gotten correct treatment.poor thing !!
good luck with potty training :wave:

kissses nat
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