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Update on José

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Well, José had another vet visit on Friday because his skin wasn't any better after being on antibiotics for 2 weeks. So I spent another $100 at the vet, they did another skin scrape and he is still negative for mange mites, but he still has Pyoderma. So the vet gave me another 2 weeks worth of antibiotics to start him on. Same stuff, Ancef, but this time it is TRIPLE the dose from last time! He also gave me an antihistimine stronger than benadryl to give José twice a day to make him stop itching. I also have to wash him with this special shampoo that has benadryl IN it twice to three times a week to also help keep him from itching. The vet says if we can keep him from scratching at himself and give the antibiotics, we can hopefully get this cleared up. He said sometimes it takes 6-8 weeks worth of antibiotics to clear this up! I am sure glad José is a good boy cause he is costing his mommy alot of money! Look at the pictures below, it shows just how much hair he has lost on his paws. He had scabs on his feet last week, thats why I took him back to the vet. His coat on his back looks better today, just after 3 days of the stronger dose of the antibiotics and being washed with the shampoo twice. I sure hope he gets better soon. I am also giving him an Omega 3/Omega 6 fatty acid supplement to help his skin and coat become healthier. :dontknow:
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Eep!! That looks like it hurts!! Poor Jose!! Please get better soon!!!
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