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Well her bladder infection is gone! (YAY) I guess the crystals they found in your urine were secondary to her infection. We were worried the crystals were causing the infection and that maybe she had bladder stones, but that wasnt the case (two negative urine tests in a month!)

I have scheduled her for her knee surgery two weeks from today. Next Thursday I go back to TOPS (rehab place) and they will check her knee one more time...but we all kindof know that there will be no improvment, so that is why I scheduled her. If by some miracle she does have improvment then I cancel her surgery and continue the exercises. I have never been to this doctor before but she works at the same vet hospital that I do and every doctor said I should take Kylie to her for that surgery. God I am already nervous...This will be surgery number 4 for her...but what really has me worried is that its on her right rear leg...all the other surgeries have been for her left rear leg....I just hope she recovers because she cannot use her left leg very well.

I just need to keep my mind off of this for two weeks...I already ok'ed it with my boss that I take Kylie into work with me for the first week after her surgery...I need to start her rehab right away and since I get three breaks a day I will use all three to do her rehab.

Well thats all that is new for now...basically no more pee'ing in the house and surgery in two weeks....yikes!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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