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I found Lucky a wonderful home and like Minnie I did put a price on him. The only thing was that I knew if I did this he would probably be going to a good home that could afford him. When I found someone who was willing to pay the money for him no questions asked becasue they loved him----I told them to put the money towards buying stuff for the dog. and yes he was FREE. As would Minnie have been, but I am glad we have her still. I know he will be in a home that doesnt have any other dogs and the woman is giving him to her kids for Christmas so that was special 2. Now that I dont have to place anymore dogs in a new home, I can tell u all this. I just wanted to make sure the person could afford a chi and he wouldnt end up in a pound. So thanks for everyones interest, and it felt good to surprise the person like that.
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You know what Christal, that is a FANTASTIC thing you did! I can't imagine the shock and excitement they had when you told them that. A few people had passed judgement on you about Minnie and in the end you really do want whats best for your babies. I think that is a great thing you did and I applaud you :hello1: . Merry Christmas to the new family!
So sweet of you to do that! I'm glad you found him a great home!
It was brilliant of you to handle Lucky's adoption like you did. It assured adoption by a responsible owner. I love happy endings. :)
You did a wonderful thing! Very sweet of you.
BRAVO!!!!!!!!!! you made someone very happy at Christmas!!!
Yes they were very happy. Very happy, I just hope they spoil him. It's hard picking the right person, but I think we did really good.
so will you be getting another chi ?
aww that is sweet!, i think its deff a good idea to always put a repectable price when trying to find a new home. im sure lucjy will b very happy, so dont worry!
No we have our 3 and I dont want anymore problems. We are happy, they are happy and I dont want to have to do this again----ever.
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